April 2015 Theme – Covenanted Blessings

Covenant is an agreement, usually formal between two or more persons to do or not to do something specified. From Biblical point of view, it is the conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in the scriptures.

God is Someone that cherishes covenants and always seeks to enact same. Right from the beginning of the Bible, we see how God enters into covenants with Adam (Gen 2: 15-17); Noah (Gen 9: 1-15; Abram (Gen 12: 1-3); etc.

God specifically enacted generational covenants with Abraham, of which the natural children of Israel still enjoy to date. Covenants are always conditional, so that if one party fails to fulfil his/her part, the other party will no longer be bound by the covenant. This is also true with God enacted covenants (Ex. 20: 5-6; Deut. 28:1-14).

However, by special grace and unusual favour, God can still continue a covenanted blessing unconditionally if He chooses to do so (Jer. 33: 19-22; I Kings 11: 11-13; Ex. 2: 24-25).

By the extension of God’s grace upon RCCG Mission and both the founder and the present overseer; God is promising us in Everlasting Father’s Assembly that He will grant us covenanted blessings enjoyed and being enjoyed by the Mission from her inception and those enjoyed by her two overall leaders. God will miraculously meet all our needs; make us a model to the world; make others to come and learn and worship with us; and preserve us for Jesus coming. Also, for some of us who will be prepared to rely solely on God; He said, He is prepared to establish new generational covenants with us that will distinguish us from His other creatures.