Tiding is defined as a report of recent events or facts not previously known. While victory is the success or superior position achieved against any opponent; opposition; difficulty; obstacle or problem.

The Israelites were on the journey to the Promised Land when they encountered the Amorites on the way. Sihon, king of Heshbon refused to let the Israelites pass through their land, instead he gathered his soldiers and fought against the Israelites (Num. 21: 23-24). God however delivered Sihon and his people into Moses and the Israelites hands.

As the Israelites continued on the journey, they also encountered another Amorite king, Og king of Bashan. Similarly, Og and his people went out to battle with the Israelites, again God gave Israelites the victory (Deut. 3: 1-8).

The Amorites were seasoned warriors, with giants among them. The Israelites who were physically disadvantaged were supernaturally empowered by God to be victorious. Under Moses, they enjoyed tidings of victories throughout!

In this month of April, which coincides with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, God says He will fill our mouth and lives with tidings of victories; He will subdue any opposition before us; He will grant us success over every difficulty and problems; He will empower us to surmount any kind of obstacle and also make us to triumph over life challenges.

May the zeal of the Lord of Hosts bring these to pass in Jesus name. Amen