Jehovah is the Creator of the Heaven and the Earth and all that is in them. He made all things for His pleasure and He does as He pleases. It is not possible to challenge God or question His wisdom. He is simply sovereign (Job 9:12Dan 4:35Eccl. 8:4).

God gave all His creatures a special characteristic: the power of self-will. This made it possible that spirits and humans try to do whatever they like excluding God from the picture. However, whenever God could not stand the flagrant disrespect of His person and the wickedness of man’s heart, He always appears in the picture to declare His power.

The bible tells us of the ordeal of the children of Israel in the land of Egypt when the Pharaoh that loved Joseph had died, the Israelites became slaves and were subjected to terrible treatments by their taskmasters (Ex. 3:7-10). The situation became worse till God could not allowed it any longer and as such vowed to declare His power (Ex. 3:19-20).

God began series of punishments in the form of plaques on the Egyptians and later ended with the death of the firstborn of both man and animals in Egypt after which the Israelites regained their freedom by force (Ex. 12:31-33).

In this month of April, following the Feast of Passover, the Almighty God will declare His power and might on our behalf. God will disallow every negative situation we are going through. God will orchestrate series of punishments upon our enemies. He will seize the firstlings of all our enemies. He will also enforce our freedom with His outstretch arm in Jesus name.