Showcase case be defined as exhibiting an object as an outstanding example of its kind. It can also be to reveal something of an extraordinary worth or value. It is possible for a man to showcase himself. It is equally possible for people to also showcase someone e.g – the media. In both instances though, the eradications of such persons from limelight is really easy and cheap. For example, Nebuchadnezzar showcased himself only to become his downfall. However, whenever God showcase an individual, the person will not only become a shining example; God will make available to him His grace to sustain the position and therefore glorify His own name.

In the land of Israel for one to become a prophet, you will either have to be born as a son of a prophet or enrolled in the school for prophets. However, Elisha the son of Shaphath was never prone nor intended to become a prophet. He was a farmer. But God decided to showcase him as one of the greatest prophet that ever lived in Israel (1 Kings 19:19).

As the tenure of Elijah as a prophet was coming to an end, God instructed him to appoint Elisha in his room disregarding any other apprentice he might have had before. (1Kings 19:15-16). God did not only instructed him to be chosen; He revealed the secret of Elijah departure to him; He also gave him the boldness to refuse to turn back at the advice of seasoned prophets and his master himself. After Elisha obtained the double portion of the anointing on Elijah – he became a Divine showcase! He healed infertility; bareness ,lack, deaths etc.

This month of April, God is prepared to showcase us as a people of tremendous worth and value for Him. He will exhibits us as an outstanding gem and cause us to be a shining example in Jesus name.