Your vision shall become an amazement to many

Your vision might be a plan you are working out, may it become an amazement to Mankind.

It might be a purpose you are made to fulfil.

It might be the future you are hoping for.

It might be the calling you have received.

It might be the testimony from your lips.

It might be a story about your life.

May God grant you supernatural vision.

John 9:1- end

Prior to this passage, Jesus was chased out by the Jews from the Temple. The people wanted to harm Him, so He became invisible to them. Despite that unfriendly atmosphere, Jesus still showed compassion on someone.

May He show compassion on you today.


Within and outside of the church, people are always fond of discussing others people’s matters, especially in a bad way. Jesus was going to see how to help the man, all what the disciples could say is why has that come upon him. Could it have been his sin or that of his parents?

While Jesus was thinking of how to be of help, they were thinking what he must have done.

May be you are going through something and speculations are going on about you negatively, may God shut the mouth of your reporters in Jesus name.

It is possible to walk through the valley of the shadow of death without having sinned or be suffering from a generational sin. Sometimes we the Israelites of faith pass through difficult stuffs not because we sinned, but for the works of God to be made manifest.

May the works of God be made manifest in your life in Jesus name.

It is interesting that Jesus addressed the disciples that the work concerning the blind man needed urgent attention, because His night hour is fast approaching.

You guys are talking; I need to get to work.

May Christ make your case a priority. May it be a compulsory and immediate task for God.


There were usually physically challenged people on the way or entrance of the Temple that want alms from people going to pray, worshippers are pressed to be compassionate as they were going to make petition to receive from God. But Jesus attention and interest was on this man alone.

May God single you out for a touch from him today.

Many of the healing that Jesus did, the sick was always brought to Him.

Luke 4:40 – Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.

Mathew 8:16 – It is only on few occasions that Jesus Himself would approach the sick without an invitation: e.g. – The man at Bethesda – John 5:6 – The widow of Nain – Luke 7:13 – The blind man – John 9:1

Jesus would have been looking round, but He would have seen only a particular case. May Jesus see your situation and walk up to you today.

May Christ have compassion on you.

There is no case that is too hard for Christ.

Blind – Over 40 years

Infirmity – over 38 years

Nain widow’s son – over 30 years

Jesus has many ways of doing miracles, performing wonders and reversing blindness.

He can simply touch the eyes – two blind men – Mt. 20:30-34

He can put spit on the eyes and coupled with a touch – Mt 8:21-26

He can anoint the eyes with clay and asked them to be washed – John 9:6.

If your insight or eyesight is blurry, may Jesus touch you. May He lubricate your sight. May He anoint your vision. The man was taken back to his genesis.

The interesting part is that after the man had washed his eyes and they were opened, it generated controversy among his neighbours and other onlookers. Some said it’s him, others said it’s his look alike.

May the touch of God upon your life generate a controversy.

I was born into a poor family even though my parents were good Christians. As I grew up though, I had certain small dreams. Some of them are that I will study in the university even though my parent could not afford it; my first car will be a Mercedes, even though my father only had an old Lada; and I will travel to UK or USA, even though the only uncle I have who had travel out as at that time from my family was to Italy and was deported.

My friend saw me in my first week in UK was shocked! He though he was either in Nigeria or it’s someone that looked like me!

May the working of God upon your life be amazement to many in Jesus name.

May the magnitude of your vision generate controversy in Jesus name.

The man declared to end the speculations that he is the same man.

I had to ask my friend about his pals before he could believe I was the one.

May your mouth declare the power of God.

May you testify of His glory and might in Jesus name.

Note that he didn’t even know Jesus very well. He said a man called Jesus did it. But the mercy of God located him. May the special mercies of God find you out in Jesus name.

I pray that your vision will get better and better in Jesus name.

The man latter had a revelation that Jesus must be a prophet (vs 17); a Man of God (vs 33) and the Son of God (vs 38).

May you enjoy progressive visions from Christ all the days of your life. May what you know of Christ today increase from what you used to know.

The vision of God upon your life might make you unpopular with men. It doesn’t matter. The Jews threw this man out of the temple just because of his testimony regarding Jesus.

Jesus will come to your rescue.

In 1994 after a terrible medical incidence that I had on campus, I resumed school after a year of absence. It was heavy on my heart to speak to the VC that a supernatural cult was on our campus and I was almost a victim.

The VC asked the Dean of Students Affairs to investigate, but powerful people on campus frustrated the case, and tried to frustrate my grades. Not too long, they tried to kill the VC himself that he had to move his office away from campus, and other unpleasant things followed. Though I had an extra year. I finished my degree and still graduated as the best student in my class.

You will finish well in Jesus name.

Jesus sought this man out twice: first to heal him and second to save him and make him a disciple. It was the grace of God that healed me then and still save me till today.

May Christ heal your life and may He save you forever.

To obtain uncommon vision, one needs two ingredients: faith and works.

Faith to believe the word of God. The man believed he will be healed; otherwise he would not have adhered to Jesus instruction.

Works as it was not easy for a blind to travel from the temple to the pool to wash his eyes.

These gave birth to his healing.

There are several people in the scriptures that their lives became amazement.

Elisha – supernatural security, discernment, kingly honours, miracles, …

Solomon – Wisdom, fame, riches….

Hannah – fruitfulness and promotion….

Isaac – prosperity, success in projects (wells)….

Moses – intimacy with God, challenging leadership, wonders….

Do you want uncommon vision from God? Believe his word, act on it. Your vision will be assured in Jesus name.


Father, do not let me suffer spiritual blindness.

Father, reveal to me every secret behind the difficulties I have.

Father, bring to light everything planned against me in the dark.

Father, remove every spiritual veil that is not making me to see clearly.

Father, help me that I will never languish in darkness.

In the name of Jesus, I reject every satanic re-arrangement of my destiny.

In the name of Jesus, if there be any damage to my destiny, Father repair it now.

Father, anoint my eyes for vision to locate my divine purpose in life.

Father, do not let the lot of the wicked to rest on me in Jesus name.

Father, destroy every power trying to limit my potentialities in life.

In the name of Jesus, Father reveal every spiritual thief that have stolen from me and return to me what they have looted.

In the name of Jesus, every arrow of backwardness fired at me be returned to their senders in Jesus name.