Life can be very challenging. As young persons, we always thought that if we could have this or that, (money, position, fame, power, etc) life will be so easy. I have come to know that regardless of who or what you are, life comes with its peculiar challenges.

As Christians, we are not exempted from challenges of life, what the bible encourages us to do is to demonstrate hope against every odd, and when God sees our disposition of faith, He helps us overcome each challenge that comes our way.

Our perception of what we go through in life will determine what we make of life. What someone go through as take as a lesson to learn from, another will go through and see as a failure.

Thomas Edisson was withdrawn from school at age 8 because his teacher taught he had a badly formed brain. Only to be privately tutored by his mother. He later became a great inventor in life. Electric light, motioned picture, sound recording were some of his inventions.

When he was asked how he did not see himself as a failure for getting the electric light to stay on until the 200th time. He said he had only learnt 199th other ways of doing it differently.

Life can be divided into three stages: past, present and future. All of them have their dictates on us.

The Past does not want us to forget him; the Present tries to weigh us down; while the Future tries to scare us. Those who succeed only take cognisance of the lessons of yesterday, focus on today and courageously face tomorrow.

We must not let the past to enslave our present. It’s gone for good. Lessons might be learn for tomorrow. But essentially, the events of yesterday are over.

Both Peter and Judas had a bad record of a night, both betrayed Jesus. Peter chose to put the past behind and start again; Judas on the other hand did not let go of yesterday. People commit suicide because they allow their yesterday take control of today, without been able to see tomorrow.

I bring the word of God to someone today, God says, “your day has just began”. Most of the people we know that have made it today did not succeed in what they are doing at the first attempt.

To the glory of God, I have driven for about 9 years now, without a minor accident. But it took me 5 times to pass my practical driving test. I had to do my Theory test a second time when the first expired after 2 years. You are never a failure until you accept it.

In 2 Kings 3: 1- 20, the King of Israel together with the help of the kings of Judah and Edom decided to go to war against the people of Moab. Unfortunately, they travel in the desert for 7 days until their water got finished and the war yet to start!

The king of Israel began to panic, he thought but Jehoshaphat – the king of Judah asked for a prophet to inquire from God. Something they ought to have done before they set out. The following morning was a supernatural daybreak for them! They woke up to see lakes of water, they were able to drink; the same water became the tragedy for their enemy – the Moabites.

– Someone thinks they have just come to the end of the road. There is still an open door ahead.

– Someone thinks they are lost in a desert. Check for my footprints God says. They are visible.

– To someone, God says the situation you are now is because you failed to involve Him first, if you humble yourself to seek Him, He will make a way for you.

Sometimes life can be frustrating, after you have tried all you know and do your best, but it seems the result you get does not measure up. But the worst thing one can do is to give up.

Mordecai was born to a noble family in Israel. But when he got to Babylon, he was even lucky enough to be a gate keeper at the palace of king Ataxerxes. It was there at the gate that he heard a privilege information of an intended coup against the king.

He leaked the plot which could have endangered his life. Afterwards, nothing was done to reward him. Several nights and day passed without a thank you from the king nor a gift, but he kept coming to duty until one supernatural daybreak came for him! That special day marks the beginning of his elevation and the ending of the life of his enemy – Haman (Esther 2: 21-23; 6:1-13).

Many of us woud have stopped coming to work because we were not appreciated, that will probably have end his life regardless of his noble deed.

What have you done for God that you think He is owes you? If He really owes you, I have good news for you because He will pay back. God does not owe anyone. Whatever you give him, He will give more than double.

God has a book of remembrance. When your deed is called up at a night, supernatural daybreak will follow. Mordecai as just trusting God for their race to be preserved, but God was working out a greater plan for him and the Israelites.

He became the Prime Minister, the provinces around began to change their citizen to become Jewish afterwards.

– Someone here, God says, you are like a gatekeeper now, but He will fast track your elevation.

– Someone else, God says, He will use what has threatened you to announce your greatness.

– To another person, God says, He considered your case yesterday, you will soon begin to see His hand.

David was born into a family of eight sons. Some scholars were even thinking that he might be a child of an unlike mother. The other sons were allowed to pursue the honourable profession of their time of been in the military. But David was subjected to tending their father’s few sheep. Year by year, it was those few sheep. He however put in his very best, to the extent of risking his life to fight lion and bear for them!

Unknown to him, a supernatural daybreak will come for him. The High Priest was coming to town to meet his whole family and no one informed him. When the news came to him, he was told that Prophet Samuel was with them, and he said he would not sit until David comes! What a day. I should think, after coming to terms with the news, David himself would run to the house. He was anointed king of Israel in front of his seniors and that day marks a change in his destiny (I Sam. 16:1-13). Spirit of God rest upon him from that day forward…

– Someone’s destiny is taking a new turn today.

– You were irrelevant up till now, but not anymore.

– People you regarded as highly placed now will be getting up for you till you sit down very soon.


Almighty Father, let my day begins today.

I have experience night time for too long, I command the day to appear for me now in Jesus name.

 Delivered by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye on February 2nd, 2014 at the Thanksgiving Service