God Will Certainly Visit You, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

God Will Certainly Visit You, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

God loves to visit, especially those who are His friends; and those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. He can call on them anytime.

There is a hymn that reads:

Pass me not, O gentle Saviour
Hear my humble cry
While on others Thou art calling
Do not pass me by

Saviour, Saviour
Hear my humble cry
While on others Thou art calling
Do not pass me by


Before Jesus died, He used to visit people: Peter’s house; Lazarus’s house; Zacchaeus house; Simon the Pharisee’s’ house; etc.

After His resurrection, He visited Mary at the tomb (even cutting back His SITREP journey to Heaven); the Apostles severally; 2 disciples in Emmaus; etc.


Every one of those visitations was memorable and life-transforming. Just like it will be for someone tonight in Jesus name.


The bible tells us that the race of life is not the fastest, but that time and chance dictate those who win.

Today’s meeting might look like any other, but I am believing God for someone tonight that it will be a life-transforming one.


In Gen. 18: 1-15, Abraham was sitting in front of his tent at the Plain of Mamre one day when he saw 3 travellers. He felt led to give them refreshment before they continue their journey, little did he know that time and chance had happened for him.

That visitation led to the birth of Isaac.


Subsequently, the same thing was experienced by Lot – Abraham’s nephew. In Gen. 22: 1-10, as Lot was sitting in front of his tent; 2 of the visitors that met Abraham approached him in Sodom. He too entertained them and lodged them for the night; only for him to know that they were angels of God that were sent to rescue him before destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Time and chance worked out for him. His family was the only people preserved from those two cities, except for his wife that misbehaved on the way.


I bring a word of reassurance to someone listening to me now, the word is ‘God will certainly visit you’. Of a certain, God will visit you.


Joseph, the 11th son of Jacob suffered separation from his father’s love at 17years; having lost his mother at a very tender age as well. The next 13 years of his life was lived either as a slave or a prisoner. Life was tough for him compared to how it began. It would seem as if God has forsaken and abandoned him.


How could God allowed his siblings to do this evil to him? How would God let Potiphar’s wife got away with her lies? Why would God allow the Chief Butler to forget him? Why God? Why God? Sometimes, we are pressed to ask such questions.

God however does what He pleases. Whatever pleases Him is always good, even when it may be hard for us to comprehend.


At 30 years of age, God visited Joseph. He was brought out of the dungeon to the throne. If he had been released before this time, I want to believe that he would have only roamed about in Egypt, until he could find out that his father was still alive; otherwise, his brothers would have killed him outright this time.


At the end of Joseph’s majestic life when he was 110 years; he gave his people a formidable word of assurance that God will certainly visit them soon; and that when God does, they must remove his bone out of Egypt and re-buried him with his fathers.

Gen. 50: 24-25


I asked myself why was Joseph so sure that God will visit his people and lead them out? Why didn’t he and his people just go away from the famine ended? My answers:

  1. Joseph must have heard about the promise of God to Abraham (great grandfather) in Gen. 15: 13-14.
  2. God must have revealed it to him somehow.


I have received a message from heaven to tell someone tonight that God says He will certainly visit you. I am not sure of what may be going on around you. Maybe you have doubted the presence of God in your life or His attention in your case because of that.

I hope though that you can believe this word that God will certainly visit you.


As bible students, we all know that the word of assurance of Joseph came to pass as God certainly visited His people in Egypt.

Ex. 3: 6-8


So also in that day when God would have visited you, you will remember my very words to you tonight. Whatever may be a Promised Land to you, God will take you there.

Every delay on your way to that Promised Land, God will remove it in Jesus name.


When God told Joshua that he would be the one to lead the Children of Israel into the Promised Land, it seemed a very daunting task. God kept encouraging him. When Joshua was preparing for his first battle against the well-fortified City of Jericho; God paid him a visit that will embolden him, that victory is sure.

Joshua 5: 13-15


God sent a captain of the host from heaven to relieve Joshua of that huge responsibility.


There is someone listening to me now, you are carrying a huge responsibility on your shoulders. It is a responsibility that is overwhelming. The Lord of hosts Himself will take it over from you right now. The task will not only be easy from now; it will also be done miraculously.

Whatever might be the source of your fear and concern, the Lord of hosts will resolve it tonight in Jesus name.


There is this story of how Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead in the bible.

Mk. 5: 21-43


Jairus, an official in a local synagogue was fortunate to have met Jesus, as He was just chased away by the Gadarenes at the other side of Sea of Galilee, having healed the man with a legion of demons.


Jairus begged Jesus to come home with him and heal his daughter who was gravely sick. as they were going with lots of people following Jesus; the woman who had suffered from the issue of blood for 12 years was also among the crowd seeking healing from Jesus. She had said to herself if she could just but touch the hem of Jesus’ garment; she believed she would be made whole. This she did, and she was healed instantly!


Jesus then asked the crowd who touched Him. The woman came forward and said what had happened. Jesus then pronounced her wholeness.


While this was going on, someone came from Jairus house to inform him that there is no need to trouble Jesus anymore, because his daughter had now died. Jairus truly would have thought that would be the end of Jesus visitation. He might even put the blame on the woman of the issue of blood who caused a delay on the way; or even on Jesus for wasting precious time.


Jesus however told him, ‘Be not afraid, only believe’. So Jesus sent everyone back from Him, except 3 of his disciples and Jairus. When they got to Jairus house, Jesus again sent the mourners and mockers outside. When He got to where the girl was laid, He said, ‘Talitha Cumi’.

Immediately, the girl arose and walked and the people were astonished by a great astonishment.


Could it be that God had begun to do something for you and then it seemed as if something/someone got in the way? Has the thing that God has begun seem to have to take a sudden bad/undesirable turn?

Maybe you have started blaming your situation on something/someone or even God for delaying. Can I encourage you tonight? Be not afraid, only believe.

God will certainly visit you. Whatever it is will only make your blessing and miracle bigger.

Jairus was seeking healing for his daughter. What he got instead was a resurrection.

Your miracle shall be massive in Jesus name.


God promised Abraham that He would bless him; made him a blessing; made his name great and made him a great nation. He and his wife however had no child by this time. Having waited on God for about 13 years; they misinterpreted God’s promise and resulted in self-help, and Ishmael was born.


When it was 24 years after God’s promise to Abraham, God appeared to the couple again and reminded them that He had not forgotten them and that He would certainly visit.

Gen. 18: 1-5


The bible makes us know that God did visit them as He promised.

Gen. 21: 1-18


I am not sure what promises that God had given you that is still pending. What I am sure of is that God will certainly visit you. If you have made an error while waiting for that promise, may God forgive you and re-enact His promise to you.

May you laugh in the end in Jesus name.

Sermon delivered on April 18, 2021.