You Will Truly Laugh For Joy, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

You Will Truly Laugh For Joy, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

This is a season of joy, a time to commemorate the coming of our Lord Jesus into this world to save us from sin and hell (second death). There is a popular Carol song that says “Joy to the world, The Lord is come”. Sadly, it not the whole world that will experience this joy.

It is in this regard that I bring you this message titled “You will truly laugh for joy”.

Laughter is a common phenomenon in the life of we humans. But not all laughter is the by-product of joy. In this season and even afterwards, may God grant you many reasons to laugh for joy in Jesus name.

I tried to consider why do people laugh. People laugh for a number reason. 9 of such reasons are:

– It is possible that someone might want to cry because of an incidence, but because of the severity of what had happened to them, they begin to laugh first before they later cry bitterly. Example is Esau (Gen 27:30-34).

You will not be a candidate of such laughter in Jesus name.

– It is possible for someone to laugh in unbelief or doubt. When they hear something they thought could never happen. Example of Sarah when Abraham was told that their promised child will arrive in a year’s time (Gen. 18:9-15).

May God shock you with wonderful promises in this season.

– It is possible to laugh in self-pity. When one enters a situation, they can’t fathom the way out. Example is when Jehoram, Jehoshaphat & King of Edom was going to fight Moab (2 kings 3:10).

You will not find yourself in such a situation in Jesus name.

– It is possible for someone to laugh when they have lost their minds completely. When one is in deep psychological trauma and they could not handle the situation. Example is king Jehoram (2 Kings 6: 25-33). This problem is from God, God should kill him if he doesn’t kill God’s servant.

I pray that such laughter will not be your portion.

– It is possible to laugh when one is under the influence of intoxicating chemicals, like alcohol or drugs. This is not only fake but deadly. King Belshazzar (Daniel 5:1-6).

It will not be associated with you or your loved ones in Jesus name.

– It is possible to laugh when one is in a moment of happiness. When something good happens to us, like buying a car, graduating from school, etc. Isaac caressing/laughing with his wife (Gen 26:6-11).

May God allow multiple good things to happen for you in Jesus name.

– It is possible for one to laugh in mockery of their enemies, when you were able to exercise victory over such people. For example, when the Israelites saw their enemies floating on the Red Sea (Ex. 15: 1-21).

May God gladden your heart over your enemies.

– It is possible to laugh when someone says a joke or do something that is funny. You can’t help but laugh. (For example, what is stronger than lion and sweeter than honey?).

See you laughed. May your life be full of fun.

– It is also possible to laugh when one heart is in a joyous state; a state of triumph regardless of what one is facing, so that one is full of hope and assurance that their future is sweet and secured. Example us Hannah (1 Sam. 2: 1-10).

May you continually laugh for joy.

– There is someone here, the Spirit of God says, you will laugh again.

This time, it will be a long laughter of joy.

– There another person, the Spirit of God says, your glands that produces tears of sorrow is now removed. You will not weep for sorrow again.

– To another fellow, God says He will replace the things that had made you weep before with new things that will make you laugh.

Jesus was born to be the Saviour of mankind. He was a special kind of Being. Yet He went through tough times that will take the smile of anyone away (Mt. 26:67-68).

In Mt. 26:38, Jesus declared how sorrowful His soul was. Some hours later, He was hung on the cross, going through pain that can’t be described.

The next two nights and three days, Jesus had to spend in the grave fighting with Satan, grave and hell. On the 3rd day, Jesus rose from the dead with a glorious body, so that He and those that believe in Him can laugh forever (I Cor. 2:7-8).

– You are here, certain situation(s) have slapped you in the face; other situation have kept you in what might be seen as a tomb; or you might have been stretched out in pains.

You will laugh last for joy in Jesus name.

Joseph was a joyous child in house of his father – Jacob. His elder brothers however hated him so that his joy was to be marred with terrible pains. They wanted to kill him; they later agreed to sell him into slavery. He suffered betrayal of the highest kind. He was later thrown into prison for what he didn’t do.

However, what a laugh for joy that must have filled Joseph’s heart when he became the Prime Minister of Egypt.

Potiphar and his wife would have become subjects to Joseph.

His brothers coming to bow to him several times.

His brother – Benjamin and father were still alive to see him.

His long time dreams eventually came to pass.

– For someone listening to me, I hear that your joy of childhood shall return.

– For another fellow, God says that your dream of joy will not be lost even though it’s been threatened presently.

– I pray for someone listening to me, every conspiracy to terminate your joy shall be thwarted by God in Jesus name.

– Those who have attacked your laughter before now will now become a source of amusement for you.

– There is someone listening to me, generally the human race always cries to enter the world. God ask me to tell you, that when your time shall come to leave, you will not cry to exit the world.

Sarah was the wife of Abraham. The meaning of Sarah is princess, while the meaning of Abraham is father of many or father of multitude.

Their name would have exposed them to ridicule, shame and mockery, as they were childless for a long time.

However, at an age when people must have written them off, they had Isaac. A year before Isaac came; Sarah too had actually lost hope that she would have a child again (Gen. 18:9-12). However, despite her unbelief, God showed them favour that they still laughed for joy (Gen. 21:2-6).

– I have a special message for someone; your present age shall not stop your laughter.

– To another person, those who are laughing at you now, will soon gather at your invitation to laugh with you.

– To someone else, those who had written you off for a particular kind of laughter will be shock by God.

– To another person, I pray for you, may God overlook your doubt and unbelief and release your laughter of joy to you in Jesus name.


Father, let me experience true joy in this season.

Father, let me be joyful and let me be full of joy.

Father, do not let my heart be grieved with sorrow or evil anymore.

Father, let the joy of my salvation last till I see you in glory.

The sermon, You Will Truly Laugh For Joy, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delivered on December 25, 2016.