December 2016 Theme – Triumph At Last

December 2016 Theme – Triumph At Last

Triumph can be defined as great victory or achievement. No one can be said to have triumphed if they had not experienced or engaged in a kind of battle, conflict or trial. It is only when they have overcome such, that it can now be said that they have triumphed.

David in the bible is someone that fought all kinds of battle in life. He fought rejection from his immediate family; he fought against wild animals; he fought against giants; he was in conflict with the reigning power of his nation; he fought against territorial raiders; against armies of foreign nations; against his own children (Absalom, Adonijah); his own lust (counting of Israel and Bathsheba issue); etc. However, for every battle that confronted David, he was always triumphant, whether it’s with animals, persons or nations.

Right from the beginning of his life, there were powers that did not want him to be anointed as the king; even after he had been anointed as a teenager, there were powers that did not want him to ascend the throne; when he eventually became the king, there were powers that wanted to banish him from the kingdom; and towards the end of his life, there were powers that wanted to overturn his succession plan.

However, all these powers were silenced by God and David triumphed at last. He was able to rule for 40 years and he slept in The Lord peacefully (I Kings 2:10-12). He was also succeeded by his chosen candidate (Solomon), who also reigned for another 40 years.

The year 2016 have indeed come with its own challenges, fights, battles, difficulties and trials. Some of these might have arose from unusual situations; from spiritual powers; from physical people who might be close or distant from us or even from nations or governmental bodies.

The good news is that we triumph still. Despite all what might have come our way as raging storms, whirlwinds, huge floods, wildfires, etc. We have also experienced and enjoyed victories over them all. The Spirit of God says by the end of this year, we will all still sing “we triumph at last melodies” in Jesus name. Amen!