The Set Time To Favour You Has Come

The Set Time To Favour You Has Come, by Brother ‘Tayo Owolabi

Bible References: Psalm 102: 13-14, Psalm 5:12

Favour can be defined as an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual. We can therefore describe divine favour as tangible evidence that a person has the approval of God.

Then, What can favour do for us?

We will quickly examine three bible stories and pick some lessons from them.

  1. The story of Queen Esther– Esther 4:11, Esther 5:1-3

Lesson 1: When the day of one’s favour comes, traditions and protocols will be set aside. Remember that the tradition obtainable then was that no one went into the forecourts of the king without invitation. The penalty was death. But because it was the set time to favour Esther and the Jews, that tradition was suspended and the King lifted his sceptre towards her.

Lesson 2: Your request will be granted in a special way.

Lesson 3: Your enemies will be put to shame and you will have total victory. For the same gallow that was meant for Mordecai terminated the life of Haman.

  1. The Story of the man at the Pool of Bethesda– John 5:1-15

Lesson 1: Wherever you are, favour can locate you

Lesson 2: Favour brings you under divine focus and attention

Lesson 3: Favour does not care about your background, history, limitations and the past.

Lesson 4: Favour brings to an end years of stagnation, unfruitfulness and frustration instantly

  1. The Story of Fisherman Peter- Luke 5: 1-8

Lesson 1: The fact that you are experienced does not mean that you would not have struggles or disappointments. Peter had so much experience with finishing but his experience failed him.

Lesson 2: What favour can do is that it turns our struggles into testimonies

Lesson 3: It singles you out for an overflowing miracle

Lesson 4: Favour makes you sing a new song.

Prayer Points

  1. Father, in a special way let your favour locate me before the end of this year and give me a special breakthrough

  2. Father, let me sing a new song before this year runs out

  3. Father, prosper my neighbour in the presence of his/her enemies and give him/her a mouth-watering testimony.

    The Set Time To Favour You Has Come, by Brother ‘Tayo Owolabi was delivered at the Youth Service of 15th November, 2015