By Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE,
We have so many negative things that are around us in the society. Many of them seek to overwhelm our lives. There are however ways to fight and win those things. God has put the weapons to fight these things in the scripture for us to learn and use them at any time in the future. By the time you start, it might look ordinary and as if you are not winning, but be determined and focused. Those weapons are between your teeth.

As believers, some negative things we say work against us because we do not realize that our weapon is between our teeth. As a Church that believed in the word of God, I like to remind you that these words of mine are entrenched in the scriptures.

I Tim. 1: 18-19, Paul was giving Timothy a charge, command or instruction to pay attention to the prophecies that had been spoken to him before in ministry. There are words that God had spoken to our lives in songs, prayers, testimonies, scripture reading, etc. They are words to be relied upon in times of warfare.

There are people who are in the midst of trouble, but they have forgotten the prayers that their Pastor offered over them; the scripture a friend gave them; a statement rendered by someone that pierced their heart; etc. They were supposed to keep declaring the word, but they have forgotten them.

Paul was telling Timothy to use the prophetic word that had gone over his life to fight a good warfare. When a man of God speaks to you or you are reading your bible and a scripture jumps at you from the page, or it could be a message on a Sunday like this that touched your heart, peradventure it’s a song, testimony. That should encourage you to fight a good warfare. I have always said that a testimony shared has the power to repeat itself, if the hearers would believe.

God can do miraculous deeds when you believe His words. We need to pay attention to the fact that:

Sometimes we reject His words;

Sometimes we are afraid to declare the word. Possibly, because someone has told us that before;

Sometimes we simply forget to say the word;

Sometimes we do not meditate upon the words, as in relaying the words back to God; and

Sometimes we do not give ourselves wholly to the world.

In I Tim. 4: 14, Paul again encouraged Timothy to give himself entirely to the words of the Presbytery over his life. We must not neglect the word and work of God. Whatever makes you tense now will be changed by God. He will give you confidence and relaxation in order to take His words seriously in Jesus name.

A man like Peter talk about using God’s word to engage in warfare (2 Peter 1:12-21). He remembered exactly what happened in time past when Jesus was around. He kept the words in his heart and brought it to use at the required time. Know also that when you remember a testimony to share, it is usually that there is someone in the congregation believing God for such an occurrence that is why God has prompted you to share.

We must always remember our encounter with God and not the pains we go through, but the place you give to the prophetic words that come to you is very vital, because that is the way out. At the temptation of our Lord Jesus, the same thing happened. But each time, Jesus brought the words of God spoken by Prophet Moses to fight.

In I Kings 18:1, the word that came to Elijah looked ordinary, but because they are the words of God, they carry power. May God send rain on your ‘land’ in Jesus name. For three and a half years, there was no rain. Elijah asked Prophet Obadiah to tell King Ahab that he had come back. May God announce your ‘arrival’ before the end of this year in a great way in Jesus name.

Elijah declared in verse 41 to Ahab to go up and be merry for there was the sound of abundance of rain. There were however challenges regarding this prophetic words. Even his own servant would be wondering what the matter was with his master. You might have prophesied that revival is about to break forth, but your assistant has told you that such does not look it would ever happen. May God fulfil your words in Jesus name.

There will always be situational, circumstantial and even relational challenges to the words God has told you. Satan will suggest to you that it is not possible. I pray that every negative voice against such promise of God be drowned in Jesus name. In developed countries, we listen a lot to experts. But because God is Lord, He will reverse their words. As the Lord reversed the prophecy He asked Isaiah to give to King Hezekiah. May God extend your life as such in Jesus name.

Do not treat the words of God casually. Even Ahab a sinner treated the words of the prophet of God with belief. He straightaway began to run on his chariot to Jezreel. Whenever you are trusting God for something and you see a little evidence, catch it! It was a little cloud like a man’s hand that Elijah’s servant said he saw for Elijah to believe that his prayers has been answered. Do not say God has not manifest in a great way.

Every delay in your life will be rolled away in Jesus name. This is a month of increase, harvest, coronation and abundance. It is a season of progress and prosperity. It shall soon come to pass because God is on His throne. Certain projects that have died will also be revived. Those without grant will be funded and those with proposals will be accepted in Jesus name.

Wherever there is a minus in your life will be visited by God. Every spirit of rejection upon your life will be driven away by God. Someone here wants to quit church because of what they are going through. You are planted in church for a reason, so don’t quit. May God make you to arise and shine. This congregation will arise and shine. You will never walk in darkness. You will walk in the light of God. You will walk in knowing and the knowledge of the Most High. You will always have an answer to anything brought before you. Nothing will be difficult for you in Jesus name.