Your Strength Shall Continually Increase, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Your Strength Shall Continually Increase, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

What is strength?

The quality or state of being strong. Bodily or muscular power. Mental power. Force or vigour. Moral power. Firmness or courage. Capacity for exertion or endurance. Power to resist force or attack. The ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort. The degree to which something is strong or powerful. Power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.
One crucial thing about strength is that it can fluctuate. It can decrease and it can increase. Today, I decree prophetically into your life that your strength shall continue to increase in Jesus name.

Whatever is currently a strength to you; God will make it to continually increase. It will not dwindle. Your strength will not be corrupted. Samson strength was corrupted by Delilah.

What might be a weakness to you now; God will turn it into strength for you. Your weakness will not be exploited to your disadvantage in Jesus name. David weakness was exploited by Bathsheba.
Jesse might have had only one wife, while David had up to seven, excluding concubines. Thank God, he overcame that weakness before his death. David refused to touch Abishag even though she was lying nearby.
I pray for you again; your strength will increase. Your weakness will metamorphize into strength in Jesus name.

What are the different facets of strength?

– Vigour e.g. Caleb – went to war at 85. If God has blessed you with vigour, it will not fail. May it increase in Jesus name.
– Wealth/Affluence e.g. King Solomon – silver like sands. If God has given you the strength of wealth, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Influence e.g. Prophet Elisha – kings call him my father… (Judah/Israel/Syria/Edom). If God has given you the strength of influence, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Impact e.g. Apostle Peter – many lives transformed. If God has given you the strength of impact, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Authority e.g. Elijah – there shall be no rain or deed for years except by my words. If God has given you the strength of authority, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Position e.g. David – from number 8 son, to the king of a nation. If God has given you the strength of position, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Followership e.g. Jephthah – from the leader of vagabonds to a nation. If God has given you the strength of followership, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Intelligence/Knowledge e.g. Daniel and friends – 10x better than peers. If God has given you the strength of intelligence, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Numerical power e.g. Abraham – from childless to father of nations. If procreation is your strength, it will not fail. Nations come from your loins or womb.
– Voice e.g. Apostle Paul – stood before Kings, governors, even Caesar. If God has given you the strength of voice, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Creativity e.g. Bazaleel & Aholiab (Ex. 31:1-11) – special gift in crafts, cutting gold/precious stone to decorated temple. If God has given you the strength of creativity, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Wisdom/Counsel e.g. Joseph – counsel Potiphar/Chief Jailor/Pharaoh. If the gift of wisdom/counselling is your strength, it will not fail.
– Sound health e.g. Moses – at 120 years, not sick till death. If God has given you the strength of sound health, may it increase in Jesus name.
– Vision e.g. Prophet Samuel – from not sure, to stay here, let me tell you my discussion with God. If God has given you the strength of vision, may it increase in Jesus name.

When David ran away from Saul, his brethren and his father’s house went to the Cave of Adullam to join him. Later, people that were distressed, in debt and aggrieved also went to him. In all, he became a captain over about 400 people (I Sam. 22:1-2).
Later, David’s followers increased to about 600 men; such that his strength continued to increase (I Sam. 30:9-10). 200 tired, 400 continue to pursue the Amalekites…
After the death of King Saul, David inquired from God if he could go and stay in any city of Judah, and God said yes. He further asked which city he should go, and God told him, Hebron. So, when the men of Judah heard that David was in Hebron, they came to him and anointed him as a king over Judah, such that his strength further increased (2 Sam. 2:1-4).
While David was ruling over the tribe of Judah, one of the sons of Saul (Ishbosheth), was ruling over the rest 11 tribes of Israel, which made Ishbosheth more powerful than David. But over a 7-year period that this went on, God systematically increased the strength of David and weakened the strength of Ishbosheth (2 Sam. 3:1).
Within those 7-year periods, the inner fabrics of Ishbosheth strength began to be weakened. His Chief of Army Staff (Abner) turned his back on him, and his Divisional Army Commanders assassinated him. The elders of Israel had no other choice, but to invite David to rule over them, which further extended his strength (2 Sam. 5:1-3).
Even though David attained to the highest elevation of his calling and destiny; he did encounter several oppositions. God, however, sustained him till the very end (I Kgs. 2:10-12).

There is someone here, the enemy is trying to weaken your strength internally. God will strengthen you. Your inner strength shall increase in Jesus name.

In Eph. 3:14-19, Apostle Paul prayed for the church in Ephesus regarding gaining inner strength. They were a vibrant church before. (False teachers saying resurrection has passed, and young widows been indoctrinated to destabilise the church, etc).
If your inner strength is been compromised. God will stem it now and grant you more strength.
You oversee just one thing now; God says He will add more.
To another person, an invitation that will bring an increase of strength is coming your way in this season.
Just like Hebron was lesser than Jerusalem for David; God is taking someone here to their Jerusalem status.

God continually increased the strength of Joseph. From been a slave to the Ishmaelites, he became the Chief Servant of Potiphar. He then became the Chief Controller of the king’s prison, and later the Chief Controller of the whole land of Egypt.
Every plan of the enemy regarding Joseph’s life failed. Those evil plans even moved him forward and made him stronger.
Every plan of the enemy to curb your strength shall fail in Jesus name.
The bible says the star of Jesus was picked up from the Far East – Mt. 2:1-7.
If anyone has sighted your star and are aiming at it to fall, it will not happen in Jesus name.
Your star shall shine brighter and brighter in Jesus name.

God continually increased the strength of Daniel in a foreign land. From a captured slave, he became a Palace Trainee; then a Palace Officer; then a Governor; then one of the 3 Vice Presidents; and later as President. He worked under 4 kings.
There will not be an end to your rising.
Every conspiracy to your rising shall be foiled by God.

The bible also tells us that Pharaoh tried to end the strength of the children of Israel by reducing their numerical growth, but they kept getting stronger (Ex. 1: 6-20).
Your strength shall not be curtailed by the Pharaohs of life in Jesus name.

When Abraham left Mesopotamia, I believe he would have left with few belongings, not knowing where God was leading him to go. In a span of few years though, God had increased Abraham in strength, such that he owned over 300 male adult servants; huge livestock and great wealth (Gen. 14:13-16).
You might be a stranger in this land, God will, however, increase you mightily in Jesus name.
Those you have never imagined will serve you.

What must I do to enjoy a continual increase of strength?
– Be willing to increase – Four lepers (2 Kings 7:1- 10).
– Be obedient to the instructions of God – Isaac in Gerar (Gen. 26:1-13).
– Obtain necessary knowledge – Daniel and friends (Dan. 1: 3-5).
– Obtain necessary training – Apostles (Acts 4: 13) being with Jesus.
– Be determined – Elisha (2 Kings 1:1-15).
– Pray for the grace – Jabez (1 Chro. 4:9-10).
– Be encouraged – David (1 Sam. 30:1-6).

Father, increase my strength
Father do not allow my strength to be corrupted.
Father, upgrade my weakness to strength.
Father, do not let my current weakness to be exploited to my disadvantage.
Father, glorify Yourself in my strength and even in my weakness.
Father, disappoint all those that want to weaken my strength.

The sermon was delivered on February 2, 2020.