Your Star Shall Attain Recognition, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Your Star Shall Attain Recognition, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

The world we live is designed by God in such a way that the spiritual controls the physical. For example at creation, whenever God decreed that let this thing be, they happened.

Jesus spoke to a fig tree, the tree responded in the physical.

Also, the celestial controls the terrestrial. For example, the saga that Job went through was as a result of two celestial beings having a debate about Job spirituality (Job 1:6-22).

His fate on earth was been determined in the heavenlies. Sabeans – oxen, Fire – sheep, Chaldean – camel, Wind – children. Job that was so full became empty suddenly because his life was been remote controlled negatively in the heavenlies.

If anyone is ignorant of this design, such a person will be prone to suffer and be cheated in life. Today we want to address one area by which the enemy cheats God’s people unknowingly; it is in the area of their star.

Unknown to most of us is the simple truth that we all have our individual stars. Because of certain cosmic and supernatural factors, some people stars will appear bright; others dull, while others will not appear at all.

The resultant effect of this is that one’s life on Earth as it relates to one’s fame, fortune, success, etc., is directly related to how bright, visible and consistent their star shines in the sky.

The bible did not keep us in the dark regarding this subject even though it’s a mystery.

Jesus life and destiny was a good example. Jesus was born King of the Jews, more than that He was born to be Kings of kings. To that effect, His star was expected to be indeed visible.

There are people that have the powers to read stars. They are able to tell what a person will be from seeing their star in the sky or by looking at the person and connection them to their star. In this category are prophets, seers, wise men, astrologers, dividers, sorcerers, necromancers, soothsayers, etc.

Most of the time, these people would have seen someone’s star when the person was still young, and depending on their disposition to the fellow, they might decide to celebrate the star of fight against it.

Most importantly though, when one become of age, it is important to take responsibility of the welfare of one’s star as it relates to its brightness and continuance, as this will invariably affect one’s importance and recognition in life.

In Mt. 2:1-12, the bible tells us how wise men came to Jerusalem looking for Baby Jesus because they saw His star from the East – Babylon, Persia, China!

It’s shocking how these people could understand someone’s particular and its movements. But because it was a kingly star, they mistakenly thought he would be born in the palace at Jerusalem. If they had not jumped into conclusion, they would have seen that the star was not to stay at Jerusalem.

Note that this is not a parable of Jesus. It was an actual occurrence. The significance of the star could be viewed from the action of King Herod and his people. They understood the implication of that star. All stars in the sky maybe the same to you and I, but to someone knowledgeable in celestial bodies, stars speak volumes.

King Herod asked when the star appeared, that was he ordered the killing of males children Nader two years of age. It is possible that your star might have been sighted at your birth; it shall be for positive recognition in Jesus name.

The intent of the wise men that saw Jesus star was to worship Him. They wanted to celebrate Him, give Him gifts and were delighted and joyous to see His star and Himself.

  • May those that see your star be delighted at seeing and yourself in Jesus name.

  • May their intention be to celebrate and honour you.

  • May all that observe your star bring gifts to you.

  • May your star receive the worship of men.

  • May those who have negative intentions towards you and your star be disturbed, troubled and perplexed at your rising in Jesus name.

  • May those God have earmarked to recognise and celebrate your star not miss you in Jesus name. The wise men were supposed to go to Bethlehem of Juda (Zebulun), but went to Jerusalem.

  • May those that intend to hurt your star and your life fall into terrible blunder they can never recover from. Herod could have followed the wise men or sent soldiers with them, but he asked them to bring him news. He died before Jesus returned to Israel.

  • May no one be able to separate you from your star. May those that swap stars not be able to tamper with yours in Jesus name.

  • Jesus star was recognised very early in life by people that would honour Him. May your star be recognised and celebrated early in Jesus name.

God helped David so that his star was able to attain recognition. If not for the grace of God, his star would have died in obscurity.

He was eighth of eight sons. He was relegated to looking after the family’s sheep and not seen as someone with virtuous skills to be a soldier. The anointing to kill lion and bear upon his life was never celebrated. His star was to continue in oblivion if God had not intervened and introduced him to Prophet Samuel.

It was at 17 years of age that God first revealed his star to the world. The kingly star shinning before David wanted to eliminate his star for the next 13 years, but failed.

  • You are here, a star that has existed before you are trying to suffocate your brightness. May God turn the light of that off right now.

  • You have been living in a stronghold, cave when you should actually be in a palace. May the forces chasing you be brought down at Mount Gilboa.

  • It was the men of Judah that came to Hebron and anointed David King over Judah. It was all Israel that came to Hebron and asked David to rule over them (2 Sam. 2:1-4; 5: 1-3). May people surrender to you willingly all that belong to your star.

God also helped Joseph so that his star attained recognition. Jacob understood the sort of child Jacob was, so recognition was given to him early in life (Gen 37:2 – Joseph only mentioned as a generation).

God revealed the importance of Joseph’s star to him in person. He was however naive to inform the stars before him, so that they envied and hated him (Gen. 37:5-11).

The star of Joseph faced fierce attack from his big brothers, but they eventually bowed.

  • Those that have contended with your star shall yet bow to you.

  • As Joseph star was not limited to location, yours shall be recognised everywhere in Jesus name.

  • May those wanting your star to disappear only survive by your goodwill in Jesus name.

  • Jesus star was honoured before 2 years of age; David at 17 years and Joseph at 30 years. May your star recognition tarry no longer in Jesus name.


  1. Father, let my star be too hot for any enemy to manipulate.

  2. Father, reverse any evil that has been done to my star.

  3. Father, hijack my star from any other hands it could have been.

  4. Father, regardless of where I go, let my star still shine brightly.

  5. Father, let everyone hunting for my star be hurt in the process.

  6. Almighty Father, let every cloud covering my star be removed by your fire.

  7. Father command your holy angels to defend my star from evil celestial powers.

  8. In the name of Jesus, every star that is angry of my tinkle, your time is up. Come of the sky in Jesus name.

  9. Father, let any star that has risen before me and preventing my star from rising, be taken to another planet in the name of Jesus.