What Shall I Do For You?, by Pastor (Mrs) Biodun Segun

What Shall I Do For You?, by Pastor (Mrs) Biodun Segun

Text: 2 Kings 4: 1-7

I thank God for the opportunity to preach unto those that Christ died for and share the Word of Life.

Thank you for your good work. It is my prayer that you will never be put to shame. You will not hang your head in shame over any of you family members. Every time I hear of you, it shall be good news in Jesus name.

I appreciate your support of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. As you are supporting the work of God, the Almighty God will support you and your household in Jesus name. Those hands of yours, the Right Hand of Power will come upon them, whatever they touch will receive the special seal of the Holy Spirit. So touch yourself and bless the name of God for your life. May God be good to you always.

All praises to God for making it possible for us to be alive today. He has also decided that you are able to be here today. Let God know that you appreciate what he has done for you today. Praise God that brought you into His sanctuary and you are not in the mortuary. Praise Him for disappointing the grave diggers on your behalf.

In the text above, the lame man at the Beautiful Gate understood this when he was healed. He leapt, shouted and ran as he praised God. He showed the regular worshippers how to really worship The Lord. When you worship God with the whole of your might, things that are not supposed to be in your body will be shaken off.

I had two sermons laid up in my spirit to deliver today. One is titled “Choices” and the other is titled “One thing”. However, after the ministration at the retreat where I’ve come from, I was directed to look at 2 Kings 4. I believe the God that knows everyone who will be in the service today knows what you need to hear, rather than what I want to share with you.

God said to me “Go and ask them what I shall do for them?” For the Lord to give an ‘open cheque’ to you, that means there are things you have been doing in this Parish that has caught the attention of God. He has not only woken you up, but also said ‘what can I do for you’? I am persuaded that He will grant the desires of your heart in Jesus name.

The message of God to you today is “What really do you want me to do for you?”

The woman in 2 Kings 4 was in trouble and cried to Prophet Elisha, but we have the Prophet of all prophets to cry to. If she got a response on what to do from a man of God, we can get a response from God Himself.

I don’t know what you’ve done for God to have deemed fit to ask you what do you want or what shall I do for you. Take time to talk to Him about those things that are of concern to you. Again I’m persuaded that those things will yield a testimony.

This woman was specific with her request. She wanted her debt paid, so that her sons would not be enslaved. God answered her request.

It was said of a man of God who is full of faith that asked God for a bicycle, after he had not received that bicycle for a while, he asked God why and he was told that he did not specify the type he wanted, the colour, the model etc. When he asked specifically, God provided exactly what he requested. Be specific about what you want from God and Jehovah shall do it for you.

Do not come to church and take the words that come from the altar with levity. Take it as a message from your Father throughout the week.

What do you have that God can use to bless you? People always think they don’t have anything, just like the woman said the only thing she had was a jar of oil, but that was enough to transform her life. The truth is you at least have the 3 T’s. Time, Talent and Treasure.

Use your time for God, be a worker so that God can work for you. Use your talent also, use your ideas to beautify the body of Christ and God will beautify you. Use your treasure or your money for God. Some Christians today don’t pay their tithe. When it comes to tithing and evangelism you hear many questions, but not when you talk to them about prosperity.

As you pray, you will receive instruction from God. Elisha told the woman “Go and borrow vessels, not a few.” Search and develop yourself. Acquire ideas everywhere. Learn and sift all the information you have got through the Holy Spirit. (Proverbs 8:33; 1:8; 4:1, 13; 8:10).

Ask for something big. Don’t ask for a top-up card. The woman asked that her two sons would not be taken as slaves, she got what she asked for. Whatever God instructs you to do, please do it. It may sound ridiculous, after it’s done, your reward will be sure.

Your Father has enough capacity to supply more than what you can imagine. Don’t ask like a servant or even as a child. Ask as His bride. God bless you.

The sermon, What Shall I Do For You?, by Pastor (Mrs) Biodun Segun, RCCG Region 4 HQ, Belfast, Senior Pastor RCCG Majesty was delivered on 25th September, 2016.