September 2014 Theme – Possessing new grounds

September 2014 Theme – Possessing new grounds.
In conventional warfare, the object of contention is mostly ground. Both sides will be seeking to gain new grounds. While both parties reside in their occupied territories, there is usually as ‘no man’s land’ in between which they contest for. The troop that pushes the other back occupies the ‘no man’s land’ and will be entering a new ground.
God promised Abraham and his descendants the land of Canaan for an inheritance. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in that land as sojourners. Their descendants later spent hundreds of years in Egypt and later delivered by God through Moses to again proceed to the Promised Land. By this time, there were many tribes who had established themselves in Canaan of whom God said will be driven away for the Israelites.
God had a tactics in mind of how it was going to be done. He was to gradually take new grounds for the Israelites by driving out the occupants little by little so that the land will remain habitable and cultivable when they move in (Exodus 23:28-32).
God has brought us into this land as our Canaan. He has promised to give the land to us and our descendants as an inheritance. It is possible that we might have been through challenging times which can be likened to the experience of the Israelites in Egypt. God says it is time for Him to gradually give us new grounds and for us to start claiming occupied territories. He said He will make us a nation of kings and priests unto Himself in this Land.
In the spectrum of the society where ungodliness and idolatry has occupied, God will start opening new doors for us and grant us control and influence. Also in the lives of our members including the church; God has promised to grant us new opportunities; new attainments and new advancements.