Enviable can be defined as something so desirable as to arouse envy; or something that is capable of awakening an ardent desire to possess or to resemble. For an object to be enviable, such an object must enjoy certain characteristics that are rare, such as miracles.

In Genesis 26: 1-35, we have an account of a man that experienced enviable miracle. Isaac was to be subjected to an era of famine in Palestine, so he contemplated of fleeing to Egypt where River Nile could support more lives. However, God instructed him to stay in Palestine and he obeyed.

Following his obedience, Isaac enjoyed a miracle of fruitfulness and abundance in time when people were crying of loss and lack. His crops did not only grow well, they yielded 100% increase and the Philistines brought exorbitant money to buy food crops from him till he became very great. When the Philistines saw that Isaac was unstoppable, they began to envy him.

This September, the Almighty is taking us through an era of enviable miracles. Though we find ourselves sojourning in ‘Gerar’ and equally at time of ‘local and global famine’. God said He will bless us with 100% increase miracle!

Every ‘Philistine’ around us will be dazed and might even become envious. The good news is that the envying and jealousy will further make us more flourishing in Jesus name.