Revelation Gifts, by Sister Tolu Fasheluka

Revelation Gifts, by Sister Tolu Fasheluka

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-14.

Word of knowledge is a supernatural insight by the Spirit of God concerning facts in the mind of God concerning people, places or things. Acts 9:11-12. John 4:18-20

Word of wisdom is a revelation about the plans and purposes of God concerning people, places or things. This is also, divine instruction from God concerning what to do about a particular situation. Acts 10:19-20. Acts 9:15&16.

Discerning of Spirits is the supernatural insight into the realm of spirits (human, demonic, divine). Isaiah 6:1. Acts 16:12.

Are you ready?

At the level you are spiritual, are you ready? If you see legion like Jesus (Mark 5:1-10), will you still stand? Are you mature emotionally?  If word of knowledge comes through you that your neighbour had had five husbands and the man she is now with is not her husband (John 4:18), will that knowledge stay with just you?

Are you willing to be used?

Will you allow Him to manifest His gifts through? Will you allow the fear of your sins? Or will the fear of not being right stop you from being a vessel?

Do you desire these gifts?

So, you have answered yes to the above questions. When last did you pray that the Holy Spirit should manifest His gifts through you? When last did you travail in His presence just He might use you even if it’s just once. When last did you study about the Spiritual gifts or how the Holy Spirit used the apostles of old. We know how we go hard after the things we desire; this I believe should be the same attitude.


God loves us so much. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God as an expression of His love for us. When we receive Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit and He comes with gifts. These gifts are for the building up of the church as our whole, our lives and as an expression of love to our neighbour. My charge today is that we stir up our desire to be used by Him. We should strive to do anything and everything that we may be able to answer ‘Yes’ to these three questions. God bless you and remain blessed.

The sermon was delivered at the Special New Workers/Talents Audition Service on 18 November 2018.