RCCG EFA Leeds End of Year 2020 Fasting Prayers

RCCG EFA Leeds End of Year 2020 Fasting Prayers

FRIDAY 25 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 124: 1-8

  1. Father, I thank you for the gift of life that you have given me and my family.
    2. All glory, honour and power be unto Jesus who has not allowed my enemies to rejoice over me this year.
    3. Father, thank you for making me to conquer the twelve months of this year.
    4. Father, I thank you for this year’s victories, celebrations and joy for me and my household.
    5. Father, I thank you for you are always there for me.
    6. Father, I praise you for all the testimonies you have given me in this year.
    7. Father, I thank you for your provisions and for blessing the work of my hands.
    8. Father, I thank you for filling my mouth with praise and laughter this year.
    9. Father, I thank you for all the signs and wonders you have performed in my life.
  2. Father, I thank you for how you are ending with me this year.
  3. Father, thank you for assigning Your ministering spirits to work on my behalf in this year.
  4. Father, thank you for not allowing this year to be my end.

SATURDAY 26 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 128: 1-6
1. Father, bring me, my family and our church to a better position after the pandemic than what we were before it.
2. Father, feed us spiritually and physically in this trying time and beyond.
3. Father, make us to come out of the pandemic stronger and more prosperous in Jesus name.
4. Father, grant us a greater comeback after this ‘storm’ is over.
5. Father, re-commission us afresh for your service after this plaque is over.
6. Father, silence every power threatening our existence now and after now.
7. Father, grant us strength supernaturally by Your spirit.
8. Father, use us as instruments to shape our spiritual and political landscape for better.
9. Father, help us to confront our previous fears without any harm.
10. Father, help us to live above the current ‘global famine’ in Jesus name.
11. Father, help me to mount up with wings as eagles throughout this year.
12. Father, grant me the power to soar above every storm that comes my way this year.

SUNDAY 27 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 67: 1-7
1. Father, strengthen the foundations of Everlasting Father’s Assembly.
2. Father, let everything that supports the ‘foundations’ of Everlasting Father’s Assembly be strengthened by You.
3. Father, turn every area we are still experiencing ‘bitter taste’ be changed to sweetness.
4. Father, please turn the areas we are yet experiencing ‘barrenness’ to fruitfulness.
5. Father, please change any ‘sick’ areas of our lives to wholeness in Jesus name.
6. Father, make the real ‘fragrance’ of Everlasting Father’s Assembly to ooze out unstoppably from now on in Jesus name.
7. Father, make Everlasting Father’s Assembly stronger; build us up; make us healthier; reinforce us the more and fortify us roundabout with your fire in Jesus name.
8. Father, keep our Assembly intact and prevent us from being damaged in any way;
9. Father, keep our members from injury, peril or harm;
10. Father, please ensure that our Assembly is kept in perfect condition;
11. Father, make me a terror to whatever might want to contend with me in life.
12. Father, the ‘terrain’ may be rugged; the ‘environment’ may be tough; please lead me through by Your very self


MONDAY 28 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 125: 1-5
1. Father, grant every individual in Everlasting Father’s Assembly unusual escapes throughout our lifetime;
2. Father, grant us the grace to escape dangerous and bad situations;
3. Father, make us escape everything and anything trying to entrap us in life;
4. Father, whenever we are in any challenging circumstance, please make a way of escape for us;
5. Father, ensure that we continually escape whatever plans the enemies may have for us in life;
6. No matter how tight and fool-proof the enemy’s schemes against us might be; Father, still grant us a way out;
7. Father, enable us to slip away from evil pursuit, perils, capture, afflictions, threats, etc in Jesus name.
8. Father, protect us from all and every force contending with our lives and our Assembly;
9. Father, demonstrate Your Ultimate power to preserve us against all and any odds;
10. Father, cancel every plan of the wicked concerning our lives and our Assembly;
11. Father, help Everlasting Father’s Assembly to move faster along in our operations.
12. Father, help us to progress without any restraints.

TUESDAY 29 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 126: 1-6
1. Father, fill my heart, life and household with great joy.
2. Father, let the season of unending joy begin for me now.
3. Father, turn every plan to make me sad into real joy for me.
4. Father change every decree intended to make me weep into a decree for my coronation.
5. Father, let Your favours transform me into a miracle.
6. Father, let all dates earmarked for me to weep be turned into dates of celebration.
7. Father, fill Everlasting Father’s Assembly with joy.
8. Father, let the joy in Everlasting Father’s Assembly be felt throughout our City and beyond.
9. Whatever the enemy has meant for evil for Everlasting Father’s Assembly, Father, please turn it into good for us in Jesus name.
10. Father, render useless every power threatening our existence in Jesus name

  1. Father, help us to move freely at will and defy all oppositions.
    12. Father, help us not to be exhausted in anyway nor by any means.


WEDNESDAY 30 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 140: 1-13

  1. Father, thank you for promising us and helping us to shout for victory this year;
    2. Father, thank you for making us to be on the winning side;
    3. Father, thank you for helping us not to suffer any defeat;
    4. Father, thank you for making the ‘walls and gates of Jericho’ before us this year to fall;
    5. Father, make every ‘war’ we are fighting now and those that we will fight in the future to all end in our favour;
    6. Father, make all our enemies drop their heads in shame of defeat;
    7. Father, let the shout of victory always emanate from our tabernacle all the days of our lives.
    8. Father, help us to dethrone every ‘mighty rulers’ waging war against us in life.
    9. Father, let every enemy of my life turn their back and run at my presence in Jesus name.
    10. Father, preserve Everlasting Father’s Assembly through this global storm victoriously.

11. Father, in all we are doing, let us not become wearisome.
12. Father, empower the old and the young amongst us not to be weary.

THURSDAY 31 DECEMBER 2020 – Psalm 143: 1-12
1. Father, help me not to faint as I walk in life.
2. Father, do not allow any physiological factor to make me to faint.
3. Father, do not allow the distance I have walked or will walk in life cause me to faint.
4. Father, do not let the gradient or the terrain I am walking or will walk make me to faint.
5. Father, do not let any type of weather cause me to faint.
6. Father, do not allow my age to make me faint.
7. Father, help me to keep moving in life and not stop for whatever reason.
8. Father, make Everlasting Father’s Assembly to mount up as eagles; run and not wearied and walk and not faint in Jesus name.
9. Father, do not allow the desertion of men/women from us cause us to faint in any way in Jesus name. Amen!
10. Father, grant me ‘special wings’ to scale higher in life in Jesus name.
11. Father, no matter the season we are in, help us not to be weary.
12. Father, help us to wait and trust in you for our renewal of strength to run.
13. Father, shield all of us from the prevailing coronavirus and bring an end to its spread in our nation in Jesus name.