March 2017 Theme – Progressive Trends

PROGRESSIVE can be defined as when something is happening or developing gradually or in stages. It can also be when something is moving forward or onwards; or when something is making progress towards a better condition.
Trend in the context of this write-up will be taken to mean a general tendency or course of events or a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
Progressive trend could therefore be seen as when the general direction in which something is happening or developing is onwards, forward or towards a better condition.
In Gen. 26:1-14, the bible tells us that a famine happened in the Canaan region during the time of Isaac, so that Isaac moved to Gerar – the land of the Philistines. He might have contemplated emigrating into Egypt as his father Abraham did. God however instructed him to abide in the Palestine region (Gerar), that He would bless him if he stayed. Isaac obeyed God, and remained in Gerar. Though the famine was severe, he however planted crops in that year and God granted him supernatural harvest.
God made Isaac to enjoy progressive trends in Gerar so that he waxed great; he went forward; he grew continually; until he became very great. He became established and flourished to the extent that the whole nation of Philistine became envious of him.
In this third month of the year, God will aid our continuous marching forward; He will make us to wax great; make us to move forward until we will become very great in this year.
May we all enjoy this progressive trends in Jesus name. Amen!