Pleasant Surprises For Kingdom Exploits, by Pastor Kayode Oni

Pleasant Surprises For Kingdom Exploits, by Pastor Kayode Oni

TEXT: LUKE 5: 1- 11

The Gospel of Christ is “Good news”.

The glad tidings that bring joy to all men (Luke 2:10).

God does amazing things because it’s His attribute.

He’s not a waster, He releases into the lives of men & women His PLEASANT SURPRISES purposely for KINGDOM EXPLOITS.


1) For God’s children to discover Divine mandate.

2) To empower believers to fulfil Divine mandate. Divine empowerment for kingdom legacy & impacting lives, nations and generations for God.

3) Restoring humanity to divinity, bringing generation back to its Maker.

*Elijah prayed on Mount Camel and Fire consumed the sacrifice for the restoration of Israel to Jehovah the true God (1 KINGS 18:38&39).

4) For God’s name to be glorified – * ACTS 2:9, *Matthew 15: 30&31.

LUKE 5:1-11

Peter toiled all night but was an effort in futility. Hence, he abandoned the boat to wash his net. Never abandon the boat because of repeated failures you’re destined for Pleasant surprises.

Every life’s missed opportunity is an avenue for pleasant surprises if ONLY Jesus could find your boat empty and available for His service. When He steps into your available boat, He turns the EMPTY into PLENTY.

He took Peter on a sea cruise. He could supernaturally compel fishes into Peter’s net at the riverbank; without necessarily taking him into the deep before asking him to let down his net for the huge catch; after all wind and storms obeys His words (MARK 4:39).

* If He could walk on waters, He could also perform wonders under the water.

* If every beast of the forest is His with the cattle upon a thousand hills, He’s also in charge of the great whales in the deep (Gen 1:20&21).

*It was a journey from the night of failure into a morning of PLEASANT SURPRISES. Is your life & night catalogue of failures? Your breakthrough is imminent & you are only on TRANSITION.


Mysteries of pleasant surprises are not at the seashore but in the” DEEP” – deeper walk with Jesus. The Wonders that occurs in the deep hinges on His words…. “nevertheless, at thy word I will let down the net” (Luke 5:5)

*Go deeper in His words…. Psalm 119:130,140.

*Go deeper in prayers …….James5:16

* Go deeper in faith……Heb 11:6, Mark 11:22

*Go deeper in sacrificial giving -2 Cor5:6-8

* Go deeper into God’s service & Soul winning – 1 Corinthians 15:58, Mark 16:15.

He’s taking you on a journey into Pleasant surprises to make you ‘fishers of men and heroes of faith’. After the miraculous catch; Peter discovered God’s mandate and became God’s vessel of PLEASANT SURPRISES –

* ACTS 3:1-11 Wonders of God at the beautiful gate.

* ACTS 9: 32-43 Peter exhibiting PLEASANT SURPRISES by raising Dorcas from the dead.

* ACTS 5: 15- God’s anointing working wonders by the shadow of Peter.

A sermon delivered by Pastor Kayode Oni, Sanctuary of Glory Ministries, Toronto, Canada on October 6, 2019.