October 2020 Theme: Glorious Comeback

October 2020 Theme: Glorious Comeback

What is a comeback?

A return to a former position or condition (as of success or prosperity); a return to an earlier and better position or condition; a return to a former higher rank, popularity, position, prosperity, etc.

In I Kings 17: 1, by the leading of God, Elijah declared a famine for a season in Israel. He was first asked to go and live by the Brook of Cherith by God; and when the brook was getting dry, God told him to go and stay with the Widow of Zarephath, where supply was made available miraculously by God (I Kings 17: 8-16).

As the tenure of the famine was coming to an end, God asked Elijah to go and reveal himself to King Ahab, and He will send rain upon the earth (I Kings 18: 1-2).

In I Kings 18: 17-46, Elijah had a glorious comeback. He called for a national contest to reveal the True God. He said that the God that send down fire from heaven shall be the Lord God, which Yahweh did. Such that all the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah led by Queen Jezebel were slain. The whole nation then acknowledged that “The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God. Elijah went to the top of Mt. Carmel and prayed for rain to fall; after which there was an abundance of rainfall.

But in I Kings 19: 1-21, when Ahab got home and told Jezebel all that had happened; she vowed to kill Elijah within 24 hours. Elijah became afraid and ran for his life; he went a day’s journey into the wilderness alone and asked God to take his life.

God, however, sent an angel to feed him twice; such that he was able to travel to Mt. Horeb with that strength. It was at Horeb that God re-commissioned him for service, and even granted him more glorious comeback. He was used to shaping the spiritual and political climate of Syria and Israel. He was able to still confront Ahab and Jezebel without any harm to him; and he was later translated to Paradise by God without tasting the sting of death (2 Kings 2: 1-12).

God has laid it in my heart this month that a glorious comeback awaits us as a church after the current global ‘famine’. God equally promised to return individuals and families in our midst to former higher rank, popularity, and even better position and condition that we were before the pandemic started. God will feed us miraculously. He will grant us unfailing strength supernaturally. He will re-commission us for the tasks yet ahead. We will become instrumental to our future spiritual and political landscape. He will use us to confront our previous fears without suffering any harm. He will also grant us easy access to whatever we need to do ongoing. May these be our portion in Jesus name.