The Online Dictionary defines blessing as, ‘the infusion of something with holiness, divine will, or one’s hope or approval (also used to refer to bestowing of such)’.

Torrential on the other hand is defined by the same source as something that is ‘coming or characterized by torrents; flowing heavily or in large quantities’.

In amalgamating the two words together, God is promising us a time that will be characterized with our lives been infused with holiness; His Divine will; as well as our hopes and expectations to be met in torrents i.e. in overwhelming flow or large quantities.

In Luke 5: 1-11, we have an example of someone that received torrential blessings. Peter and Andrew were seasoned fishermen, very good and diligence at their work. The Bible records that on this day when they went fishing; they caught nothing all through the night! All their experience, expertise and professionalism became useless.

In disappointment and despair, they began to amend their net for a re-trial another day. However, the Giver of torrential blessing came to the stage and brought super-abundance.

In Joel 2: 28-29, God promised the out-pouring of His Spirit upon all His people in the last days. In the light of this, God is promising a time of out-pouring of His Spirit upon Everlasting Father’s Assembly this month of October. It will be a time of soothing and refreshing for us all in Jesus name.