There are basically three conditions in life: Stagnancy, Depreciation and Appreciation.

Stagnancy – in which the person is somehow static without any noticeable improvement or backwardness.

Depreciation – in which the person is somehow losing his/her original worth and value; a state of retrogression.

Appreciation – in which the person is improving upon his/her original worth and value; a state of progress.

In Judges 11: 1-3, Jephthar was sent out of his father’s house by his brothers after the demise of their father because his mother was a harlot.

So, his brothers regarded and treated him as a bastard! This was a very damaging impression on his personality! He couldn’t not cope with the shame and had to flee to another town to reside, having lost his worth and value among his people.

And because of his damaged personality, he was only able to pull people of such calibre to himself as associates/sub-ordinates.

However, he and the men with him chose to face life courageously by been zealous, determined, daring and brave.

They also had their faith rooted in God. Not too long afterwards, his worth began to appreciate, to the extent that the whole Israel elders had to come and beg him to lead them to war against the Ammonites who were a super power militarily.

After obtaining victory, he was shot to limelight. The highest anyone could be! (Judges 11: 4-33).

This month of October, by the grace of the Almighty, the worth of many will begin to appreciate both in tangible and intangible terms. The worth of this Church will also go high in Jesus name.