November 2021 Theme: The Dawn Of A New Day

November 2021 Theme: The Dawn Of A New Day

According to the bible, when the Spirit of God came down to check the situation on the earth at a time in history, God saw that the earth was in darkness and was without form and also empty (Gen. 1: 1-2). So, God spoke into the situation and darkness gave way to light, it was the dawn of a new day for the earth; and a series of other things created by God was to follow in the right direction for the earth to become what God originally intended (Gen. 1: 31).

In Gen. 27: 41-46, 28: 1-5, Rebekah heard the threat of Esau wanting to kill Jacob when their father must have died. Rebekah arranged with Jacob and told Isaac that Jacob needed to go and stay with her uncle to find a wife, that she would not be happy if she took a wife from among the women of Canaan like Esau.

So, Jacob was sent to Laban in Syria to look for a wife. The next couple of years after that was like a night for him as he served his uncle for 20 years and when he wanted to leave, Laban was not prepared to let him go; and if he must go, he must do so emptyhanded.

God had to orchestrate the dawn of a new day for him. Laban agreed with Jacob that any flock that gave birth to plain coloured offspring would be his (which used to be rampant); and any flock that gave birth to striped, ring and spotted animals (which used to be rare), would be Jacob’s. From that point onwards, all the strong and robust flock began to give birth to offspring that belong to Jacob, such that in no time, Jacob became very wealthy in flocks and servants (Gen. 30: 25-43).

In this month and beyond, any darkness still looming around our destinies shall be expelled by the fire of the Holy Ghost. Every part of our lives that seem to have no form, will be re-moulded by God. Every space that is still empty in our destinies will be filled to the overflow by the Living God. In any area of our lives where we have been marginalised and cheated, God will overturn the tides in our favour.

Beautiful beginnings are coming our way in this new dawn. Glorious things shall commence for us henceforth in Jesus name.