November 2015 Theme – The Eleventh Hour Favours

The eleventh hour is an idiom which could mean ‘the last minute’, ‘the last possible moment’ or ‘at the nick of time’. It could also mean ‘late in the day’ or ‘pretty close towards the end of the day’.

The phrase was first used by Jesus Christ in Mathew 20:1-16, which is called ‘Parable of the labourers in the vineyard’; ‘Parable of the workers in the vineyard’ or ‘The generous employer’.

In the parable, Jesus brought to light the fact that God has the powers to bestow eleventh hour favours on anyone, and that such favours cannot be questioned by anyone. Not even by those who thought they should be rewarded more.

God is the Owner of everything; therefore He can at any time do anything with whatever He owns. So that when people think it’s over for a fellow, God can just show up the last minute.

God had told David well before Solomon was born that he will reign after him (I Chro. 22:8-10). However, when David became old, there ensued power tussle for the throne. Absalom tried and died. Adonijah tried and seem he was succeeding, only for God to intervene at the eleventh hour. Things took a wrong turn for Adonijah so that Solomon ascended the throne eventually (I Kings 1:1-53).

We are entering November – the eleventh month of this year, I have a word from God that some of us will receive eleventh hour favours in this month. Things that have lingered on for a while for some will be sorted in this month. Certain things embarked upon at the last minute will also yield unimaginable profits. There will also be comments and even murmurings on the lips of men that God is showing us partiality.