November 2014 Theme – Structural Reinforcement

A structure is something that is made up of a number of parts that are held or put together in a particular way; or something constructed such as a building. Reinforcement can be defined as providing additional strength or support to an object or material.

Every building is made up of different parts: column, beams, walls, roof sheets, windows, doors, etc. All these serve different purposes and are therefore equally important. After years of construction, it is not unusual for certain structure to show weakness, this can however be fortified or reinforced to continue serving adequately.

Structures can be reinforced mainly for two reasons: because it has been subjected to intense pressure; or because it is hoped that it will be bearing heavier load than before.

The bible makes us to know that the universal church of God is a big structure, so also are different congregations smaller structures (I Cor. 3:9).

At a point in Prophet Elijah’s life, he was so much under pressure that he wanted to quit unceremoniously. God however told him that there are prospective helpers in the region of 7,000 that could support him. He was to anoint Hazeal as the king of Syria; Jehu as the king of Israel and Elisha as a prophet over the region (I Kings 19:13-18). The structure became strengthened.

God has helped our church so well in the past years. He has progressed us greatly spiritually and otherwise. Over the years though, certain aspect of our structure has been subjected to intense pressure. God is promising us reinforcement and fortification. He will raise reinforcers for His work to proceed to the next level. Every aspect of the work will be strengthened by the Holy Ghost. Also families that have experienced structural weakness in one way or the other will equally receive additional strength and support from God.