In Gen. 26: 1-17, the Bible makes us to know that because of the famine in Canaan, there was a serious drag on the life of the inhabitants there, that they began to run somewhere else.

However, because Isaac obeyed God and sowed his seed as instructed by God, he reaped plenty. People had to bring much gold and silver to buy food from him.

His worth did not just appreciate, the Bible says he began to thrust forward to the extent that he became exceedingly great and as such became the envy of the original indigenes of the Land.

In II Kings 2: 1-13, the Bible tells us that Elisha and the sons of the prophets were aware that God was going to take Elijah away on this certain day! What I believe they did not know is how he will be taken away.

Was he going to just disappear like a ghost? Was he going to enter the ground? Was he going to collapse and dropped dead?

However, when the time came, a chariot driven by horses was sent from Heaven and swept Elijah off his feet. He then began to be lifted up by a whirlwind and ascended into Heaven.

In this month of November, despite the ‘drag’ in the United Kingdom presently, many of us will experience a sharp ‘thrust’ in our livelihood.

God says that there is lifting up for many of us as well in Jesus name. Our lives will be such that even the indigenes will begin to be envious of us in Jesus name.