It is not too late, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE

It is not too late, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE

One of the most precious commodities on earth is Time. Projects, labour, studying, relationships, etc. are judged by time. Developments in living organisms are all measured by time. Political, socio-economic, demographic parameters are also judged by time. Time seem to govern everything we do.

One of the characteristics of time is that it dictates to us when certain thing should happen, if it doesn’t happen then, time suggest to us that it may or may not happen again. While this may be so in the ideology of Man, with God it is not so (Lk. 1:37).

Luke 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

God can do anything at any time. He is not bound by time as He is the Creator and Controller of Time.

We started 2014 like yesterday, many of us may have certain things we were hoping we would have achieved or received before now, some may have happened, some may yet to manifest. The Spirit of God has asked me to tell someone that what you are expecting is not too late.

In John 11:9, Jesus said ‘are there not twelve hours in a daytime?’ There is also another twelve hours in the night time. It means that we still have over 80 hours left in 2014. Within that passage of time, I am convinced that God can do a lot! Yours will be done.

In 2 Kings 7:1-end, there had been a terrible famine in Israel to the extent that parents were eating their children. It was severe because no trade was coming into Samaria, as the gates were shut because the Syrians wanted to invade the City.

Elisha however prophesied that in 24 hours things will changed, that food will be very cheap. It was unbelievable, but it happened!

God sent His angels into action few hours after Elisha declaration and drove away all the Syrians soldiers by making them to hear a strange noise.

– Whoever and whatever is sitting on your expected blessings will hear a strange noise.

– If someone is occupying your domain, they will quit hastily.

– I have made someone to sign your letter yesterday. It will be delivered by Tuesday.

– You have been under a particular pressure; you will receive news of relief before 31st.

– God says I am about to move you from scarcity to surplus.

Samaria had lost hope in their king. The king had even lost hope in himself and had become frustrated to the extent that he wanted to execute the prophet of God, but things changed for good. Things will change for good for you in Jesus name.

David became the second king of Israel after the death of King Saul. During his reign, God told him that a son born to him who will be named Solomon would reign after him (I Chro. 22:8-10).

1 Chronicles 22:8-10

But the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars: thou shalt not build an house unto my name, because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight. Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies round about: for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quietness unto Israel in his days. He shall build an house for my name; and he shall be my son, and I will be his father; and I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel for ever.

However, as David continued in his reign, his son Absalom chased him out of the throne and established himself as king. It looked like it was the end for Solomon. Even after returning to power, while David was lying weak on bed, another son of his, Adonijah declared himself as king again. Bathsheba and Solomon would have thought it was over with the throne, as long as their lives were spared. But it was not (I Kings 1:5-9, 50-53).

– Someone here, God says your elevation is not yet late.

– You are here, you have been cheated because of a particular reason, God will intervene on your behalf.

– You are here and someone is supposed to have spoken for you, but they are reluctant for whatever reason, may God raise help for you from somewhere else.

– Everyone that had taken advantage of you will soon come to bow to you in Jesus name.

In Luke 5:1-9, the bible tells of a story regarding supernatural provision. Peter and Andrew had toiled throughout the night and had caught nothing. Their sleepless night; their strength in throwing and pulling of nets; and their hopes for the day’s ration or sale were all dashed.

As they resulted to fate, washing their nets to go and face their expectant wives and possibly catch some sleep, Jesus stepped into the scene.

The fish they could not catch at night were caught at daytime!

They could not catch one fish for several hours and several attempts, but now in one attempt, they caught multitude.

The command from Jesus was “Launch into the deep”. What will ‘deep’ mean to you?

– stretch yourself. Go the extra mile.

– make a greater effort.

– do not hand off yet. Don’t accept failure and disappointment as your fate or lot.

– Things can simply change; it will change for good for you in Jesus name.

– You will be more than successful.

– You will be a benefactor to many.

– You will not lack any good thing in Jesus name.

In 2 Kings 5:1-11, Namaan was asked by prophet Elisha to wash in Jordan River 7 times be cleansed. The river was dirty and seven dips would require a lot of effort and perseverance. But it paid off, as he was cleansed!

– Never stop the sixth time. The circumstance may be tough, rough or dirty, but don’t stop.

– Go for it again. Ash yourself again. You will be whole in Jesus name.

– Your image will be redeemed. Your reproach will vanish.

– The ‘but’ in your life will be removed in Jesus name.

Childbearing is something that we all desire, especially after marriage. It happens to be the will of God for us to be fruitful and multiply. At times though, due to trial of faith, physiological challenge or attacks from the enemy, childbearing might be delayed. The good news is, with God, delay is not denial. When the appointed time comes, baby must surely come.

In Luke 1:5-25, Elizabeth and Zechariah had to wait because they were ordained to give birth to John the forerunner of Jesus. At the time of waiting, they did not know. Zechariah thought it’s by far too late for something like that to happen again. But it did happen!

– If you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, God says it’s not too late for you.

– Your baby is waiting for a grand entry into the world.

– may your womb or loin receive strength to conceive in Jesus name.

In John 11:1-45, the bible tells us about the death of Lazarus of Bethany. While he was sick, Jesus was close by, but didn’t go to visit him, instead he went further away. When he later died, Jesus purposely stayed a bit longer. By the time He visited Bethany, Lazarus had been dead four days and buried.

Martha and Mary kept telling Jesus that if He was around, Lazarus would not have died. There were 3 key words that Jesus was saying to them that didn’t really sink in: Resurrection, Life and Believe.

– Jesus was talking of now, Martha was talking of future.

– If there is anything in you that has died which ought to be alive, may God resurrect it now.

– If there is anything that is alive in you that is been threatened by death, I decree continuous life into it in Jesus name,

– That precious thing appearing to be dead is only sleeping; it will be awakened by God in Jesus name.

– Every power that has tightened itself around your freedom to be disconnected by God in Jesus name.

– I declare your freedom from any fetters surrounding your destiny.

– Any evil rope around the neck of anyone: wrist, ankle, uterus, Fallopian tubes, seminal duct – be burnt by the fire of the Holy Ghost.


I see many marriages in 2015

Many children are coming. Surprise babies included.

Surprise settlements are on the way.

Shocking elevations and recognitions will characterise 2015.


Father, let all my suspended blessings rained on me now.

It is not too late, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE was delivered on December 28th, 2014