May 2019 Theme – Favoured Like No Other

May 2019 Theme – Favoured Like No Other

Favoured can be defined as “preferred; special; chosen; favourite; selected; singled-out; recommended; endowed with the special advantage of gifts; regarded or treated with preference or partiality; enjoying a special privilege; supported over anyone or anything else”. God loves everyone the same (Zech. 10:1; Mt. 5: 44-48). But His level of favour upon us actually differs (2 Sam. 7:14-15). This He does by using His prerogative and sovereignty which no one can question nor flaws.

In God’s plan for the redemption of Man, God thought of beginning a special race from which the Messiah would emanate from.  He, therefore, searches through the whole earth and decided to single-out a man called Abraham for this special favour. The choice of Abraham by God was an act of His benevolence, as the Ur of Chaldeas where Abraham comes from were also idol worshipper, so God wanted him to come out of that spiritual pollution and contamination.

God asked Abraham to leave his comfort zone in Mesopotamia and should proceed to an unknown place, which God promised to show him; that in that place, Abraham would be made a great nation; he would be blessed; his name would be great; he would be a blessing; that those that bless him will, in turn, be blessed; those that curse him will, in turn, be cursed; and that through him, all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Abraham believed all these God’s promises; and was led by God to Canaan (Gen. 12:1-4).

Abraham descendants later became the nation of Israel; a race blessed by the Almighty God; having a great name and through which the whole families on the earth are being blessed. The Abrahamic generation is therefore favoured like no other (Ex. 19:3-6).

Everlasting Father’s Assembly, Leeds has been especially singled-out and selected by the Almighty God for His favour. Towards the end of 2001, God made the progenitor of this Assembly leave what was then his comfort zone in London and was led to proceed to a place unknown; only to be asked to stay in Leeds. In 2006, God enabled him to start the Assembly; and promised him that He will be with him; that the Assembly will be blessed; that the group shall be a blessing to many; that the Assembly shall be as a city that is set upon a hill which cannot be hidden. In simple terms, God promised that the Assembly shall be highly favoured.

So just like the nation of Israel is a favoured race unto God; Everlasting Father’s Assembly is equally endowed with special advantages and gifts by Jehovah. God said He will treat us with preference and fondness; that we will continue to enjoy special privileges from Him; and that we shall be supported over anyone or anything else. May we all enjoy these in Jesus name.