Wonder can be defined as a feeling of heightened surprise or shocking amazement. From the beginning of time, humans are always attracted to wonders. The nature of wonder is such that it brings the recipient into spotlight; make him/her seems as a superstar and also glorifies the Doer of the wonder.

Many people are too lazy to read the Bible and develop their faith in God. They just want to see wonders happening and then ‘possess’ faith. Jesus in His stay on earth stated that the heathen always want to see surprise occurrences for them to believe in Him (John 4: 48).

There came a time in the life of the Israelites that idolatry was so rife and the worship of God seemed to be extinct. Through the inspiration of God, Elijah challenged the whole nation to only worship and serves the God that did a wonder: send fire from above to consume a sacrifice! The 450 prophets of their idol gods (Baal) tried vigorously to conjure fire, but nothing came. Elijah prayed a simple prayer to God Almighty and alas fire fell! The people then shouted that the Lord, He is the God! (I Kgs. 18: 17-39).

This month of May, God said He will do wonders in our ‘world’. There will be great positive happenings in our midst that will glorify God. These wonders will be things of life (blood); attraction (fire); and glaring (pillar of smoke) – Joel 2: 30.

God said by the end of the month May, Everlasting Father’s Assembly will be able to attest to the truth that He alone is the God that can do wonders (Psalms 77: 14).