March 2020 Theme: Mount Up With Wings As Eagles

March 2020 Theme: Mount Up With Wings As Eagles

Mounting up can be defined as, “An event that involves rising to a higher point; or an upward movement”. It can also mean, rising, soaring, scaling high, ascending, lifting, climbing, etc

An eagle is a large bird of prey with a massive hooked bill and load broad wings, known for its keen sight and powerful soaring heights. The eagle is a powerful bird of prey. It has several characteristics that give it this special recognition among birds, which also makes it to be at the top of the food chain as an apex predator. One of such characteristics is its long and broad wings specially designed by God. This enables it to fly higher, faster and soar even in turbulence; at a height where other animals will be terrified

.When Jacob left Laban in Syria and went back to Canaan; having made peace with Esau his brother, he dwelt in Canaan. God asked him to go to Bethel and offer a sacrifice there unto Him. They were not terrified, they passed through nations that were very hostile, who could have wiped them out from existence, as they were then very few. God, however, protected them; as He put His terror upon those nations, such that they did not pursue after Jacob’s family. They simply soared through as an eagle would through a storm (Gen. 35: 1-7).

Also, when the children of Israel finally left captivity in Egypt, God began to lead them to the Promised Land. There were about 2 million people marching on foot; through the wilderness; having passed through hostile terrains and hostile nations. God again helped them to soar through those challenges as an eagle does to the ‘eye of storm’ (Ex. 23: 23-31; Dt. 2: 24-25). The Amalekites that tried to take a chance against the Israelites were dealt with by God brutally (Ex. 17: 8-14; I Sam. 15: 1-15)

The Lord God has impressed it upon my spirit that He will help us to ‘mount up with wings as eagles’ i.e. rise to a higher point and gain upward movements. That He will give us ‘special wings’ that will aid us to soar through ‘storms’ and all kinds of hostilities. He says He will send His terror ahead of us and throw into confusion ‘every nation’ we encounter. He will also make all our ‘enemies’ to turn their backs and run in Jesus name. may the zeal of the Lord of hosts perform these in Jesus name.