Translate can be defined as a change from one form, function, or state to another. Merriam-Webster dictionary define life in the literal sense as “the quality that distinguishes a functional being from a dead body” and in a spiritual sense as a “spiritual existence that transcends physical death”.

Jesus went further to say that He is the Resurrection and Life: that those that believe in Him, though if they die, yet they shall live and those that are alive and believe in Him will not die (John 11: 25-26).

All those who believe in Christ have been translated from death unto life; from the kingdom of darkness unto the kingdom of light; from slavery unto sonship and from condemnation unto justification (Col. 1:132 Pet. 2:9).

A lot of Christian however still lives their lives as ‘slaves’ because of their inadequate knowledge of who they really are (Gal. 4:1). The bible tells us of a man called Mephibosheth who was subjugated by his grandfather’s servant – Ziba. It took the intervention of David to restore him (2 Sam. 9:1-11).

In this month of March which coincides with the commemoration of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ (Easter), Christ wants us to rise to our fullness in Him and obtain our inheritance already purchased by His blood. May this be evident in us in Jesus name.