Overtake can be defined as been able to catch up with; draw even or level with; or to pass after catching up with. It could also mean to come upon someone or something unexpectedly and as such takes such a thing or one by surprise.

In I Sam. 16:1-13, we have the story of a father – Jesse who had eight sons and was privileged to be chosen by God as the father of the next king in Israel. When Samuel – the kingmaker visited, one would have thought that Jesse would line up all his eight sons before Samuel, but he paraded the first seven and it took Samuel curiosity to joggle his memory before he remembered that he had an eight son – David.

The rejected David was anointed by Samuel in front of his overtakers and the Spirit of God descended upon him afterwards. This enabled him to slay Goliath and in no time he was ‘rubbing shoulders’ with kings, princes and princesses. He was also made a Commander in the Army, whereas his previous overtakers that normally hush him up were mere soldiers (I Sam. 18:1-5).

What challenges have overtaken you in life? What are the problems that have overwhelmed your spirit or soul? What are those things contending with your progress and advancement in life? Who are the people you have started the journey of life with that has made you feel inadequate?

Whether it is people, spirits or situations, you are overtaking them this month of March and beyond. May God’s hands lift you up and drop you in their front and cause you to remain there till the end of the ‘race’ in Jesus name.