Make Yourself Available, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu

Make Yourself Available, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu

Text;- Luke 1: 26-38

The Holy Spirit has given our mother the theme for this Mother’s Day as Behold the handmaiden of the Lord. Why is that? Mary made herself available to God to bring forth the saviour of the world. The speaker for our women’s conference covered the virtues of Mary in full detail. Please get the tape for the conference if you missed out.

God requires us to rededicate our lives back to Him in service. What is it that needs doing in the House of God that we are neglecting?

Do you feel that you have risen up in the corporate ladders of the world to a point that serving in the House of the Lord is too menial for you. Or is it the blessings of the Lord that he has bestowed on you like children and finances that hinder you in your ability to serve the Lord?

For some it’s condemnation of what has happened in the past that is a hindrance in your ability to serve God. Remember that as far as the heaven is from the earth so great is His love and he has blotted out your transgressions completely. When God forgives you, he wipes the slate clean Isaiah 43-25. God loves you passionately.

When Joyce Meyer was called into ministry and asked God for a message God told her ‘Tell my people l love them’. Her answer was ‘God don’t they know that already’? God’s answer was “They don’t act like they know that l love them”.

We need to demonstrate the tangible love of God. You are the only bible that someone will ever read.

When Moses asked God to reveal himself God in Exodus 34:6  said The Lord, The Lord God,  merciful and Gracious…

Let’s remind ourselves that there is a lost and dying world that we need to reach, be the person to demonstrate the Love of God, and make yourself available for His service.

Prayer points

  1. Every invisible chain of the enemy in my life causing limitation let it catch the fire of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Every power or forces aligned against me, May the blood of Jesus divert it.

The sermon Make Yourself Available, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu was delivered on the occasion of the 2016 Mother’s Day