June 2015 Theme – Divine Attention

Attention can be defined as “notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting; or the action of dealing with or taking special care of or something”. Everyone desires attention: whether young or old. It could be required from parents, siblings, children, friends, employers, in-laws, fans or even the general public. Attention can give birth to care, assistance, recognition, correction, applause, commendation, promotion, popularity, etc.

In life, the best and most transformative attention one can receive is from God i.e. Divine attention. Whoever God attends to, Earth must do the same.

In Acts 10:1-4, while God was still working on the Jews as touching redemption, He gave attention to Cornelius who was a gentile. Heaven recorded that the acts of Cornelius was known by God as well as what he lacked, so that God tried to find a special way to reward him. Cornelius and his household were singled out for salvation, and surprisingly baptised by God, so that they became a special breed of God’s children.

God continuously look throughout the earth to see anyone He could give attention. Whenever He finds someone, He concentrates on the fellow, and such life becomes an envy of many.

In this month of June, it is God’s desire to give heed to us; pay us keen attention and be of assistance to us. He said our welfare will be His primary interest; and that He will reward us with such things we never thought of or imagined. May the Spirit of God do all these in Jesus name.