Vision can be defined as the faculty or state of being able to see. It could also be the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. The inability to see is one of the greatest impairments a man can face. I personally believe that ability to see is superior to that of hearing or speaking. For example, one will be able to make a better judgement about what one is seeing than what one is hearing.

Uncommon vision however is the power to see beyond the ordinary. It is the ability to see or visualise that which the normal eyes could not see. This comes with an advantage, as one will have a prior knowledge of things before they occur.

In contemporary warfare, a soldier that wore a night goggle will have a better vision of objects than the one that didn’t.

There are several people in the scriptures that God blessed with uncommon vision. One of them is Elisha. Elisha could see beyond the normal eyesight. He was able to demonstrate this severally: Whenever the Syrian Armies tried to lay ambush for the Israelites, Elisha would warn the king of Israel, and the ambush would be unsuccessful. So the king of Syria thought it would be easier to deal with Israel if Elisha was out of the picture. Soldiers were sent to Dothan to arrest or kill Elisha. Though, Elisha had not come out to see the day, but he already knew in his bedroom that soldiers of Syria had surrounded his domain, and more importantly, that the hosts of Heaven were protecting him. His servant that came out first could only see the physical enemies. Elisha had to pray to God so that the boy could also see their supernatural marines bodyguards (lI Kings 6:8-17).

This month of June and beyond, God will grant us uncommon vision to consolidate our faith in Him; to assure us that He is on our side; and to boost our courage to serve Him. He will also bless us with the ability to think effectively and to plan our future with great imagination and wisdom that are not common to man. He will also blindfold any ‘Syrian’ that is monitoring our movements in Jesus name.