July 2020 Theme: Time Of Great Joy

July 2020 Theme: Time Of Great Joy

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure; delight; jubilation; triumph; rejoicing; elation; enjoyment; glee; bliss; gladness; etc. Joy is one of the priceless experiences in life; its worth is beyond any monetary value or price. While happiness is the quality or state of being happy temporarily, which happens when we experience something nice; joy is intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness we experience when something huge, positive and lasting happens.

In Esther 3: 1-6; the bible tells us that because Mordecai did not kneel nor bow to Haman; Haman began to a plot to kill Mordecai and the entire Jewish race in King Ahasuerus kingdom.

Haman told King Ahasuerus that there are certain people scattered all over the provinces of his kingdom; that their customs are different from every other people; neither do they keep the king’s laws. He further advised the king to destroy the people; and that he will oversee their destruction, and also generate significant income for the king in the process, (as he was going to confiscate their estates).

King Ahasuerus was happy with the idea and gave his ring of authority to Haman to make a decree to that effect, but asked Haman to keep the proceeds to himself. So, the date was set – 13th day of the 12th month, to kill all Jews in all the provinces of the kingdom: both old and young; women and children. Haman and the king were happy and began to feast while the city became perplexed.

Mordecai was able to get Queen Esther – his niece to appear before the king uninvited, a feat that could have caused her death. Esther was, however, able to find favour before the king; having fasted for three days and prayed before appearing before the king. The king told her to ask him for anything up to half of his kingdom, and it shall be granted!

Esther requested that her life and that of her people be spared. The king became enraged that someone under him could plot to kill his wife; and ordered such a fellow to be put to death, it was Haman! Mordecai was promoted to replace Haman. Power was given to him to make another decree overriding the previous one made to kill the Jews. The new decree also gave powers to the Jews to defend themselves in all the provinces. So, it happened that on 13th day of the 12th month; God preserved the Jews, such that on 14th and 15th days of the 12th month; the Jews assembled in all the provinces to rejoice and to make a feast. They also sent a portion of gifts to one another; for it was a time of great joy.

This month, God has promised us that we are entering into a time of great joy; gladness; jubilation; enjoyment; elation; bliss and delight. He also promised that rather than been perplexed by anything or anyone; we shall experience fulfilment and jubilation all through the year and beyond in Jesus name. May this be our portion in Jesus name. Amen!