Rest can be defined as peace, ease or refreshment resulting from sleep or the cessation of an activity. It can also be described as relief or freedom from disquiet or disturbance; or as a mental or emotional tranquillity.

Still water can be a lake or a low gradient gently flowing river. They are easy to approach and easy to drink from by sheep. They are usually warm and therefore appealing to drink. Turbulent water on the other hand is scary, challenging and dangerous. The sheep will be afraid to drink because of the surging noise; the water might enter the nose of the sheep instead; and the current might sweep the feet of the sheep away. It is the responsibility of a good shepherd to seek a still water where his flock can drink.

God promised the Israelites that He was taking them to the Promised Land as He had covenanted with Abraham. Forty years they roamed in the wilderness because of their sins, and after which God fulfilled His promise. God used hornets (stinging insects, large wasps and bees) to chase the original inhabitants of Canaan away, then the Israelites moved into their lands; cities; vine yards and olive yards (Joshua 24:11-13). So that throughout the reign of Joshua, the Israelites dwelt in peace as no nation was able to disturb them.

In this month of July, God will make us to lie down beside ‘still waters’; He will bring us into His covenanted blessings for our 7th year. He will use ‘hornets’ to chase out occupiers of our Divine heritage. He will also make us to dwell in peace and calmness to the extent that no ‘nation’ will be able to disturb us. May the zeal of the Lord of hosts watch over these promises to fulfil them in Jesus name.