Enthrone is defined as ceremonially installing a new monarch on a throne. When that install is such that is unexpected; underserved; surprising or shocking, then it could be said to be a miraculous enthronement.

King Ahaserus promoted Haman to be above all his princes and servants in his domain and somehow the promotion propels him to become proud and later desired to destroy the whole Jewish race because of his contention with Modecai.

Through the design and mechanisms of God, the stage was reversed. The good deed that Modecai did for the king unreward was at a set time brought to light. As the king was determining what to do to repay Modecai, Haman walked in.

At the prompting of the king for advice, Haman described what should be done to whom the king wants to honour (thinking that it would be him). Then the king told Haman that he should go and enthrone Modecai exactly the way he described. Haman was shocked, stunned! (Esther 6: 1-11).

From that time, the political terrain changed. Modecai then became the spoke person for king Ahaserus and the Jewish race was victoriously preserved.

Through the design and handiwork of God, all the good deed we had done before will be brought to light this month. God will demonstrate that He has enthroned us as spoke persons for Him in this land in Jesus name.