January 2023 Theme: Divine Fruitfulness

January 2023 Theme: Divine Fruitfulness

There are several blessings of God upon mankind in the Bible. The first of which is fruitfulness. One can even say it is a Divine decree or command that Man must be fruitful. Therefore, it is the will of God for Man to be fruitful from the beginning of creation (Gen. 1:26-28).

It was the sin of Adam and Eve that jeopardise this blessing in their lives and subsequently in the lives of all mankind (Gen. 3:16-19). For those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour, they can desire, expect, pray, command and decree fruitfulness into their lives (Dt. 28:1-13).

Fruitfulness can be defined as ‘something producing good results, producing fruit especially in abundance, fertility, fecundity, plentiful production, etc.

Whenever God wants to start blessing a man, He will always first address the fruitful ability of that fellow. When God handpicked Abraham from the Ur of Chaldeas and asked him to go to Canaan to start a new life, the first thing God promised to address in his life was his family’s infertility (Gen. 12:1-3). Other blessings were promised, but turning an old man like him and his old barren wife into a great nation would require supernatural power of God to become fruitful.

When God handpicked Noah’s family from the earth and made them to survive the flood that wiped off all mankind, one of the blessings God promised him and his sons was supernatural fruitfulness (Gen. 9:1-17).

So, as God begins a new chapter with each of us this year 2023, the first thing He wants to address in our lives is our ability to become more fruitful. God is set to enable us to produce good results this month and beyond. He will make us more fertile and fruitful. We will become more prolific. God will make our efforts to yield bountiful harvest. He promised that we will enjoy abundance of yield this year starting from this month of January. May God fulfil His words in our lives in Jesus mighty name.