January 2022 Theme: Jehovah – Adon Kal Ha’arets (The Lord of the Earth)

January 2022 Theme: Jehovah – Adon Kal Ha’arets (The Lord of the Earth)

In Psalm 24:1, the bible tells us that ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof, the world and all they that dwell in it’. This statement was echoed by other scriptural verses: Ex. 19: 5; Dt. 10: 12-14; Psalm 50: 7-12; Psalms 89: 11 and I Cor. 10: 25-26.

Since the earth belongs to God, it then means that He can do whatever He wants with it, He can also give whole or a portion of it to whoever He desires.

When Pharaoh was bragging about his military and political power and maltreating the Israelites (Ex. 5: 1-23). God used Moses to demonstrate to him that He was the owner of the earth (Ex. 6: 1; 9: 27-29).

God demonstrated His ownership of the earth in many ways throughout the scriptures. Another of such was by asking a man (Abraham) to leave his land of origin and was given another portion of land on the earth somewhere else, which interestingly was already occupied by other people before. God through His ingenuity even designed it that He would not drive the original inhabitants away at once, but will do so gradually, so that wild beast would not disturb Abraham’s descendants (Gen. 12: 1; 15: 7; Heb. 11: 8; Ex. 23: 27-31).

God also gave the Master Plan or the Ordnance Survey Map of the extent of their possession well ahead of time. From the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the Sinai Desert to the Euphrates River. God indeed is the Lord of the earth!

Abraham obeyed God, he sojourned in tents and canopies for years as a stranger in the land God had given him. His third-generation went into Egypt to sojourn there because of famine. After 430 years, they came back to take possession of Canaan as promised by God (Ex. 12: 40-41).

Today, the descendants of Abraham are still in that particular location God had promised him about 5,000 years ago! They have faced serious attacks in all those years. Many of them have been killed. God however always kept a remnant to continue the genealogy of Abraham as He had promised him; and because He is the Lord of the earth.

From this month onward, God has laid it in my heart that He will begin to demonstrate to us in vivid terms that He is indeed the Lord of the earth. He will grant us landed inheritances on earth to His glory. He will help us to traverse the earth with ease. He will bless us with ‘lands’ we did not have before, ‘vines’ we did not plant, and ‘wells’ we have not dug.

He will aid and facilitate our movements from one location on planet earth to other locations without any hindrance. Any power trying to impede our movement will be drowned after the order of Pharaoh. He will also drive away whatever might want to disturb our settling down in the portion of the earth He has earmarked for us. May the zeal of the Lord of the earth perform these for us in Jesus name.