Invitation always precedes a banquet. Distinguished persons are always sent invitations asking them to come and be part of special occasions. Whenever God arranges a ‘banquet’, He also sends out invitation to those He wants to be there (Mt. 22:1-4; Isaiah 55:1-2; Rev. 22:17).

At a time in history, God had in mind a ‘banquet of favour’ to start a holy nation unto Himself. So He looked through the earth and sent out an invitation to a man called Abraham to travel from Mesopotamia and attend (Gen. 12:1-3).

The banquet of favour was to make a great nation out of Abraham; to bless him; make his name great; make him to be a blessing to others; to bless to who blesses him and curse those who curses him; and that through him all the nations of the world will be blessed.

In this month of January, God is sending out an invitation of favour to Everlasting Father’s Assembly. He has prepare a banquet to make us a great people of His; to bless us; to make our name great; to use us as a blessing to other people; to bless those who blesses us and to curse those who curses us; and also to use us to bless other nations of the world.

For these to happen, God wants us to cleave unto Him from the start of this year to the very end. We must put aside every other thing that might want to compete with Him in our lives. We shall activate this favour in Jesus name.