RCCG Everlasting Father's Assembly, Leeds January ThemeGlorious can be defined as something that has or is worthy of bringing fame or admiration; or something that has a striking beauty or splendour. While reform is to make changes in something (especially an institution or practise) in order to improve it. Whenever an improvement leads to fame and admiration; beauty or splendour, it could be said to be a glorious reform.

King Asa is one of the kings in Judah that God used to bring glorious reforms to the land. In his time, he took away altars of strange gods, removed their high places, cut down their grooves and destroy their images. He also commanded the people to seek God and obeyed His laws. During his time the land of Judah was quiet, he built fenced cities and prospered. He was also able to raise about 500,000 well equipped Army. The Lord gave him rest for the reformations to take place (2 Chro. 14:1-8).

Whatever our God does is glorious (I Tim. 4:4). However God can choose to refine His work whenever He wants (Isaiah 65:17).

In this month of January and beyond, God wants us to embark on what will be glorious reforms and He will effect His own. He wants us to do away with anything that is competing with His worship and as such focus more on Him. He wants us to seek and obey Him the more. As we do these, He promised that He will help us to build ‘fortified cities’, He will make us to experience quietness and enjoy rest. He will also prosper us greatly. May all these be our portion as we enter 2014 in Jesus name.