Preamble is defined as a preliminary or preparatory statement which states the reason for the rest of the document; an introduction to a formal document that serve to explain its purpose; preface; or prelude.

Many prospective students need to send such preamble of their proposed thesis before they are admitted into University. Others send such preamble for them to obtain scholarships for their Research Programme. It is only great preambles that gets chosen, especially when competition is keen.

God told Abraham to leave his father’s house, his land and kindred and proceed to a place He would show him, and that blessing will await him (Gen. 12:1-3). I don’t see Abraham leaving home with many things, because of the uncertainty of the trip, and because blessing is promised at the destination.

So, God needed to show him the preamble of the blessing promised to encourage him. This came as a surprised gift from who should have been an enemy – king Pharaoh of Egypt (Gen. 12:11-16). Though Abraham was somehow in error to go to Egypt without asking God and also risking his wife’s life. God had mercy on him and grant him great preamble of His promise.

In this month of January, God will introduce His intended 2013 blessings to us. He will give us preparatory and preliminary touch of His greatness in Jesus name. He will make us to find favour with ‘Pharaohs’ of this land. The natural endowments of this land will come to us as gifts in Jesus name.