As a soldier in the Nigerian Army, while on parade, I remembered that the words of command must always fall on a particular leg. The command for: “marching in time”, “forward march”, “halt”, etc must be called on the left leg. If those participating in the parade start off rightly after the command, then there will be a good parade. If they start off with the wrong foot however, the parade will definitely be in shambles.

When the Israelites were making their entry into Canaan, it looked like it was an impossible task. How do you get over 2 million people to cross a big river as that, together with their animals and other things without boats and ships? God however instructed them that it can be achieved by starting rightly!

In Joshua 3: 7-17, God told Joshua that the priests shall step into River Jordan first bearing the Ark. It was the priests – Levites that demonstrated loyalty to God at a time when God desired it the most (Ex. 32: 1-28). It was only then that they were able to have their desired outcome. What a wonder that followed!

God said He is granting us a right start this January for 2009 as individuals, families and a parish. As the Jordan River parted for the Israelites, God will part every ‘river’ before us and make us to walk as victors this month in Jesus name. We will however need to put our faith in God and loyalty to Him at the forefront.