Grace Unto You, Be Multiplied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Grace Unto You, Be Multiplied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

What is grace?
Unsolicited Divine help and assistance (The shunem woman).
May God grant you help you have not solicited for.
Unmerited favour (King Solomon). May favours you do not merit come to you.
Heavenly currency that is needed to enjoy the good things of life (Joseph). May God grant you the grace to enjoy the good things of life.
What makes the race of life to be easy (Esther). May grace make your race to be easy.

What to note about grace
If you remain within your grace, space and room will be made for you (Isaac, in Gen. 26: 1-12). It was true that Abraham went to Egypt; every other person might be going; but remain in your grace.

It is possible to group people together as classmates, but it is grace that will distinguish them. Daniel and his friends were grouped with wise men, astrologers, magicians, etc.
In Dan 2: 46-48, the king later figured out that they were men of multiple grace (Dan 1: 17).
You may have been grouped together as colleagues, grace will however distinguish you.

Those who oppose a grace, always end up as slaves to that grace. The ten brothers of Joseph were in strong opposition to his grace of dreams; they later became servants to him because he interpreted a dream. Are people opposed to the grace of God over your life? They will bow to that grace.

The bible tells us that it is by the grace of God we are saved.
Ephesian 2: 8-9 – It is however interesting to know that within that grace of salvation, there are other grace hidden in it, that a believer needs to unravel and enjoy.
I Peter 5: 10 – Are there any particular grace you desire? God has hidden it in Christ Jesus. May you obtain it in Jesus name.

God is full of grace. It depends on the one you want.
There is a grace for divine health. There are people who have not used Panadol for 30-40 years. Not that using Panadol is sinful, but it denotes that one has a special grace in that area.
3 John 2
May the grace to live a divinely healthy life be your portion in Jesus name. You will not be up today and down tomorrow.

There is a grace for riches. A believer can enjoy that grace.
2 Cor 8:9
It may be that you are somehow poor today, may the grace to be rich rest on you. Definition of poverty (not paid for six months and it affect your normal expenditure, then you are still poor). May God move you far from that benchmark.

There is a grace for fruitfulness
Gen 13:16; Gen 13:2
You may be few today. You will however be greatly enlarged.

There is a grace to be an overcomer in life. So that whatever life throws at you, you will still overcome.
For many years Hannah sob in pain, one day she became the mother of the High Priest.
You will not go under. You will overcome at last. You will laugh the last laugh.

There is grace to be favoured by time and chance.
Eccl. 9:11
The Philistines were at war with Israel, they set the battles in array against each other for 40 days, no one crossed the frontline, just because David had to appear on the scene to take the opportunity of time and chance.
May the grace of God prepare you for the time and chance that will announce your destiny.

Jesus is the Son of God; but while He was on the earth, He also needed grace to succeed with His assignment.
Luke 2: 40; 52
If Jesus needed grace, then we will need it much more.
Thank God we enjoy the grace of growing in age and stature; but how about other grace as well?
Jesus did not only grow in age and stature, He waxed strong in spirit; He was filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him. No wonder He finished well.
May you wax strong in the spirit.
May you be filled with wisdom.
May the grace of God rest upon you.
May you also increase in favour.

If a man lacks many things in life and yet have grace and peace, he lacked nothing.
Grace will do all things for him; peace will help him to enjoy what grace has provided.
May grace worked for you.
May God send grace on errand for you.
May you enjoy peace as well.

You are here, you are questioning the handiwork of God upon your life; God says hold unto Him and see. He said He will transform your life in an amazing way.

It was the grace of God that singled out the house of Jesse as God was looking for a replacement for King Saul.
Jesse and his household were sanctified by grace.
They were invited to the sacrifice by grace.
However, it was grace multiplied that chose David as the next king. Even though, David was not at home; he was not informed about the sacrifice; he was not even sanctified and the holy oil was poured on him.

If you are needed somewhere and you are not there yet, neither have you been invited, may grace transport you there.
If you have been forgotten for a position of honour, may grace make mention of you.
May grace put aside your lack of preparedness and anoint you all the same.

It was grace that David showed to the house of Saul because of Jonathan’s sake that rescued Mephibosheth from Lodebar (dry place), from the house of Micha (wicked).
That grace multiplied by not only bringing him to palace; but a lame man sat at the king’s table, adopted as David’s son, given a daily ration of a prince, received back all the estates of king Saul, and inherited 36 servants!
May grace multiplied bring you to your own palace.
May you dine with kings.
May you enjoy daily ration for a prince or princess.
May estates that have been seized from your ancestors be given back to you.
May people serve you.

Factors that can aid grace been multiplied.
Though grace in itself is unmerited favour, there are certain things the scripture say we can do to align ourselves for more grace.
Be humble
James 4:6
Pray for it
Ex. 33:12-13 (show me way, distinguish us, show me thy glory)
Seek deeper knowledge of God and Christ
2 Peter 1:2
Have passion for the things of God
2 Kings 2:15
Make the best use of your talents
Mt. 25: 28-29

Ephe 4:7
Father, let the grace given to me increase in measure
Father, let special grace distinguish me in life
Father, ley my life become more graceful
Father, do not allow me to experience disgrace

The sermon, Grace Unto You, Be Multiplied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delivered on the 5th of November 2017.