God’s Fire Brand, by Rev’d Isaac Omolehin

God’s Fire Brand, by Rev’d Isaac Omolehin

Bible Text: Judges 15: 1-5, Acts 28: 1-8

There is nowhere fire enters and things remain the same. Fire cannot be burning you and you remain where you are. That definitely would not be fire. Fire changes you it moves a man, it motivates for motion. It is either you run or you never remain the same but it changes something within and without. E.g. the incident of fire in a building evacuates people or damages; even a sick person hears fire he jumps and move. In the same vein the Holy Ghost fire when it falls on you never leaves you the same way it met you.

Holy Ghost fire would move you from where you are now to where you need to be. When the fire of God comes upon you, it evacuates all demonic and contrary spirit within you. Whatever is hidden within you the fire of God would evacuate them away from your life in Jesus name. God heals and deliver through the Holy Ghost fire.

In the books of Acts, Paul gathered sticks from the bush and set fire for comfort but the snake coiled round Pauls’ hands instead of going back to the bush. The snake refuse to evacuate into the bush but coiled round Pauls’ hand, this shows there are some abnormal problems that have refused to leave. Paul shook the snake back into the fire. As Christians we need to reject certain things in life, understand the principles of back to sender and possess only that which we want; that belongs to us made possible through the power of the Holy ghost fire.

Christians need to learn to pray their way into victory, like Jabez – when Jabez was born ( 1 chronicles) he was born in sorrow and his mother named him bitterness but the Bible records that Jabez prayed ( 1 chronicles 4:10) and the lord answered , God is ready and willing to change our story only if we are ready to pray and reject that which we do not want. We need to stand in affirmative for what is ours in Christ.


  1. Father those who are playing God over me, today Father push them over and let them know I am serving a living God.

  2. Father, there is snake around my hand, I can’t find work, I can’t get money, I shake the snake into the fire, back to sender in Jesus name.

  3. Father, today I separate myself from my pain, from my fear, I separate my dwelling, my family, my home from fear in Jesus name.

Perhaps the snake which could represent pain , sorrow, has deposited some venom of bitterness; I pray that the Holy Ghost fire remove and burn such serpents and their deposits in your life in Jesus name.

The story of Samson from Judges 15 indicates how God works when he wants to take over a place. When God wants to harvest a community / city, he sets off fire brands developed from a church into the city. Amongst all the leaders of Israel Samson was one warrior without an army. He ruled Israel for 20 years but no army. Although, disorganized Samson understood the concept of firebrands and used it to pull down the city of the Philistines.

Although Samson used it negatively but fire has positivity. The Holy Ghost fire which we speak of; relates to that which was released as a gift on the day of Pentecost to energize the people for the work ahead. However, God uses people in twos, Paul and Barnabas; God uses people who have a history of good relationship. God is interested in people and families. He is interested in saving families and so blesses people in the context of their family that is why he raises Firebrands for multiple harvests.

Prayer: As you go about in life the Lord will double your efforts he will make you a firebrand for multiple harvests. What takes you years to achieve you will achieve in months, what takes months to achieve you will achieve in days in Jesus name. God will fast track your destiny in Jesus name. Amen

The sermon, God’s Fire Brand, by Rev’d Isaac Omolehin, General Overseer, Word Assembly Ministries, Nigeria was delivered on June 26th, 2016. You can watch the video of this sermon on our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/RCCGEFALeeds