God Will Make A Way Out For You, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

God Will Make A Way Out For You, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

This is a message of hope, comfort, assurance, of conviction. That whatever challenge(s) you might be going through now, certainly, God can and will make a way out for you in Jesus name.


Life is a challenge in itself. There are other challenges that also come with living life. Such challenges can stall one’s life; can send one backward; or propel one forward. Whatever challenge(s) that come your way shall propel you forward in Jesus name.


Your destiny shall not experience a standstill. You will not experience a retrogression in Jesus name. God will make you to advance in destiny. You will accelerate and wax stronger in Jesus mighty name.


Life can be so complex to the extent that at times one might not know what to do or what step to take; in such times, may God order your steps. May God make a way through the walls for you.


In I Cor. 10: 13, Apostle Paul assures us that whatever comes our way is not new; some people have gone through it before, and some are still going through it now. The most reassuring things that God is faithful; He will not let us experience what is more than what we can bear; also, He will provide a way of escape and power to endure.


There shall be a way out for you. Your endurance stamina shall not wane in Jesus name. In the name of the Lord Jesus, you shall raise your banner of victory after the temptation/tribulation.


Solomon ascended the throne after his father David at the age of 20 years. He was a very young man faced with several challenges that his father left for him to solve (Adonijah in I Kgs 1: 5-6 – if not for Prophet Nathan God used).


Things David should have done before he died; he did not do so; but pass them over to Solomon to do (I Kgs 2: 5-10 – Joab the son of Zeruiah; Shemei the son of Gera). There was Adonijah, his elder brother; there was Abiathar the High Priest, who are not for his kingdom; but wielded much power in the nation. His reign was under great threat.


People who were older, more experience, more popular than him were left for the young man to handle. Guess what? God helped him to endure and also made a way out for him miraculously (I Kgs 2: 13-48).


Adonijah wanted Abishag, the last wife of David as his own wife? Out of all the maidens in the country! So, he orchestrated his own death.

Abiathar was retired disgracefully. He would have died but for his years of good service with David during king Saul chase; Absalom revolt; etc. He, however, messed up at the last minute, by participating in Adonijah’s coup. Error of last moment will not come upon you in Jesus name.

Joab refused to make peace with the new king, “I will die here”. So, he died.

Shemei broke his oath made to the king before God. He travelled to Gath from Jerusalem.

The four principal threats to his kingdom were removed; so, his kingdom was established for 40 years.


May God eliminate every threat to your existence and reign. Every threat to your peace and joy be removed by God. May your destiny be established by God fully in Jesus name.


Whatever might represent the spirit of Adonijah, Shemei, Abiathar, Joab on your path of life and destiny; may God remove them from you neatly in Jesus name.


Spirit of Adonijah: I am the senior; it should be mine; more popular; conspiracy; never satisfy with a position; overthrow others; anti-God’s will (I Kgs 2: 13-15); by fire and force; I can’t wait any longer; wants other people’s seat; steal inheritance of others; rebellion; etc.


Spirit of Shemei: makes alliance and affinity with your enemies; sworn to one’s downfall; deception and double faced; chameleon (2 Sam. 16:11-12, 2 Sam. 19: 16-17); take an opportunity at one’s misfortune; waiting for other’s weakness to manifest; envious of God’s favour on other people’s lives (related to king Saul); dishonour; antagonism; jealousy; fruitless and needless fighting; etc.


Spirit of Abiathar: of error; never-ending well; I too know, or I am better informed (High Priest – closer to God, has the Ephod with him); rebellion; betrayal; misjudgement; etc.

Spirit of Joab: spirit of today loyal and tomorrow disloyal (Abner – 2 Sam. 3: 20-39, Absalom capture order); dual personality; double faced; trickster; promise breaker; strength drainer (2 Sam. 3: 39 – Joab & Abishai Zeruaiah too strong for the king); unforgiving spirit (2 Sam 2: 18-23); ingratitude; instigate wrongs; seeks overthrow and to take over; exercise supremacy above leader (Absalom’s mourn warning); etc.

These are the kinds of spirits that David left for Solomon to grapple with. God made a way for him though. I pray for you, none of these spirits will put a hold to your destiny in Jesus name. Father, make a way for me in Jesus name.


The bible makes us to know that king Saul kept chasing after the life of David to kill him as he felt he was a threat to his throne. So, David kept running and hiding from Saul for many years.


A particular incidence happened in I Sam. 23: 19-29, that Saul almost got hold of David, it was just a ring of mountain that separated them. David was betrayed by the inhabitants of Ziph from the tribe of Judah; they sent a delegation to king Saul and give exact location of David. It was too close call for David; God had to effect his escaped.


News came to Saul that the Philistines have come to seize parts of Israel lands; Saul and his men had to leave the chase of David to fight off the Philistines. David and his men were able to escape to the strongholds of En-gedi which is more fortified than stronghold of Horesh where they were before.


A timely arrangement for your escape will be effected by God Himself.

There is someone listening to me now, you have been betrayed by who should protect you; God will make you to escape the evil plot and the betrayal in Jesus name.

To another person, God will make you to elude every power that have compassed you about to capture you.

Those who are pursuing you will be given tougher assignments that will divert their attention from you. Their ‘lands’ shall be invaded by their own enemies.

Those who have exposed your movements to your foes will be disgraced by your escape and your subsequent coronation in Jesus name. Father, make a way out for me in Jesus name.


In Acts 14: 19-28, Paul was preaching in Lystra, the Jews from Antioch and Iconium heard and came to Lystra; they turned the hearts of the multitude against them; such that Paul was stones and dragged out of the city to be eaten by birds and wild animals. But when the believers gathered around Paul; he got up!

He went into the same city!

He slept there!

He was even able to travel the following day to Derbe, which was 66miles away! Someone that was hit with rocks a day before! He also passed through the same city again on his way back from Derbe!


I have been asked to tell someone listening to me now by God, that the ‘rocks’ hurled at you will not end your life.


The injury you have sustained by the reason of such rocks shall be healed miraculously by God.


There is someone listening to me, you have been wounded to the extent you became exhausted; you will however stand up on your feet again. I prophesy strength for your wobbling knees in Jesus name.


In that same environ where rocks have been hurled at you, God will make your miraculous escape to spread and transform lives in Jesus name.


No power will curtain your advancement in life. Can I announce to you; your mission is not yet over!


Those who have turned the hearts of multitudes against you shall bury their heads in shame. They shall not see your end in Jesus name. Father, make a way out for me in life.


God touched the heart of Nehemiah to go to Jerusalem and help the returned captives from Babylon to rebuild their lives. On getting to Jerusalem though, he faced many obstacles and oppositions that could have made him go back without accomplishing his purpose. He was able to exercise patience and endurance; and the grace and power of God saw him through the project.


He suffered ridicule (Neh. 4: 1-6); threat of attack (Neh. 4: 7-23); assassination attempts (Neh. 6: 1-4); accusation of treason (Neh. 6: 5-9); accusation of cowardice (Neh. 6: 10-14).

Eventually, the work was done in 52 days (Neh. 6: 15-16). When the enemies and the heathen heard it; they were cast down in their own eyes; as they knew that the work must have been done by the God of Israel.

It may be that God had touched your heart to do certain good work and to help people to rebuild their lives; but the enemies are not happy with you for this reason.

The enemies might have/or be putting you through difficulties in order to frustrate you and abandon your Divine assignment.

They may have ridiculed you; threatened to attack you physically; planned to assassinate your destiny; accused you of wrongdoing; accused you of inability to act; etc. Guess what? The God of Israel will help you. Stay focus. Be encouraged. Be patient. Endure the hardship. The Lord God will help you complete that assignment miraculously. Your enemies head shall be casted down. They and the heathen shall know that you have been helped by your God. Father, make a way out for me in life.

The life of Moses was such a wonder. He was a child that God made a way for where there seemed none existed. Born to a Jewish family when the Pharaoh of his time made a decree that all male children born to Jewish families must be killed. It meant that the life of Moses was already in danger as a male foetus, delivery will only tell.

When Moses was born, his parents tried their best to hide him for three months; after which it became impossible to do so. So, instead of presenting him for execution, they trusted on the God of Israel to do something. They made a baby basket; covered it round with bitumen so it wont leak; they put Moses inside and asked her elder sister to take it to the bank of River Nile; she was to wait and see what would become of him (Ex. 2: 1-10).

As God would have it, it was the daughter of Pharaoh and her maids coming to have a bath in the Nile that first saw the basket! She looked inside and saw Moses cried. She had compassion on him, even though she knew he must be a Hebrew child. The child was so beautiful, she wanted him for herself.

Mariam ran to the princess and asked if she needed a Hebrew nurse, she would find one for her, of which Pharaoh daughter said yes. Miriam went and called their mother – Jochebed. Pharaoh’s daughter agreed a wage with Jochebed to look after him as her own son. What a miraculous way out of danger!

Those who are trying to do you harm shall be compelled by God to cater for you. They will speak well on your behalf. They will even sponsor you.

There is someone listening to me, God says “I have put a beauty on you that will open doors of favours unto you everywhere”.

To another person, He says “I have heard your cry. My compassion is now triggered on your behalf”.

I prophesy to someone, the ‘rivers of life’ shall not submerged your destiny. The ‘pharaohs’ of life shall not end your purpose in Jesus name.


King Herod also thought he could end the destiny of Jesus; sadly, he ended up killing hundreds/thousands of innocent children. God asked Jesus’ parents to sneak Him out to Egypt and then told them when to return when Herod had died (Mt. 2: 13-23).

God will excuse you from danger, from hurt, from harm and every plan of destiny killers in Jesus name. Father, make a way of escape for me in life.

In 2 Kings 4: 38-41, the bible says when Elisha returned to Gilgal; there was a famine in the land at the time. The sons of the prophets came to visit him when they heard that he was around. He asked his servant to put a large on the fire and cook for them to eat.

One of the sons of the prophet became over-ambitious and went out to look for more vegetables to make the stew richer and plenty. He, however, brought in poisonous leaves thinking they are edible. Even though everyone said they have not seen such leaves before, he added it too the stew anyway.

It was when they were eating that they knew there was death in the pot. They cried to Elisha, he asked them to put some flour in the stew; and the poison became neutralised!

I have been asked by God to tell someone listening to me, that the impending famine will not affect your feeding. It will not reduce the size of your pot.

You will have more than enough throughout the coming famine.

You will be able to feed grown-up men even in hard times.

There is someone listening to me, an over-ambitious person has mixed bad stuff in your priceless effort; it will not cause you harm. God will neutralise the effect of the bad stuff in Jesus name.

Another person, you ate something poisonous by mistake. It will not harm you.

If you have been exposed to any poison (eat, touch, wear, spoken), may the Blood of Jesus neutralise it in Jesus name.

What could be the challenge facing you right now? God will make a way out for you:

Settlement? The God that made a way for Isaac will do so for you – Rehoboth

Sickness? Woman of issue of blood.

Lack? The God that provided for the widow of Zarephath.

Failure/Disappointment? God helped Peter caught fishes. Astounding success.

Life partner? Connected Ruth to Boaz will help you.

Fruit of the womb? God that helped Hannah will help you.

Demonic oppression? Madman of Gadarene.

Tongues of men? Helped Moses from the condemnation of Aaron and Miriam will help you.

God will make a way out for you.



  1. Father, let every conspiracy of hell against my life be rendered to nothing, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every satanic arrow targeted at destroying my vision, dream and purpose, be returned back to their sender in the name of Jesus.
  3. Let every satanic trap set against my life be shattered to pieces in the name of Jesus.
  4. I command all demonic activities against my destiny to receive disgrace in the name of Jesus.
  5. I decree that all agents of darkness militating against my life be silenced forever in the name of Jesus.
  6. Father, let my life and destiny be too dangerous for the forces of hell to mess up with in the name of Jesus.
  7. Father, let Your compassion and mercy always make a way for me in life the name of Jesus.
  8. Father, help me to accomplish my Divine assignments on earth in the name of Jesus.


The sermon, God Will Make A Way Out For You, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delivered on August 16, 2020.