February 2021 Theme – Divine Renewal

February 2021 Theme – Divine Renewal

Renewal can be defined as “the act of starting again or starting to do something again; a process in which something improves or is improved after being in a bad condition; the act or process of making changes to something in order to improve it so that it becomes more successful; a situation in which something begins again after having stopped for a period of time; and arrangement for something to continue for a longer period of time; or a process of improving, repairing or making something more successful”; etc.


God specializes in works of renewal. He does not even have to wait till something gets bad before He puts a renewal strategy in place; just like He renews His mercies upon us every morning (Lam. 3: 22-23). God made a renewal of His promise to Abraham; to Jacob; to Joshua; and other children of His in the scriptures, so as to stabilize their faith in Him.


In Gen. 12: 1-3, when God promised Abraham that he would become a great nation, he was 75 years at this time. But by 89 years he was yet to have a child, so his wife was able to convince him to have a child through their maid – Hagar. At different times in his life, Abraham thought his chief servant, and later his son from Hagar (Ishmael) would be the process whereby God would make him become a father of nations. God, however, granted him a renewal of promise to let him realise that these were not to be the case (Gen 15: 1-4; 17: 15-19).


God promised Jacob that the covenant upon Abraham his grandfather would be passed unto him when he was running away from his brother Esau (Gen. 28: 10-22). But after staying in Syria for over 20 years and had his own family there; especially with the threat upon his life still present in Canaan, it was like Syria has become the better home for him. God, however, made a renewal of promised to him to convince him that the Abrahamic covenant upon his life has not change (Gen. 31: 3).


In Joshua 1: 1-7, after the death of Moses, God made huge promises to Joshua, because he was putting his tiny ‘feet’ into the massive ‘shoes’ of Moses. But because of the enormous nature of the task; God had to keep renewing His promise to Joshua for him to gain strength and demonstrate good courage (Jos. 1:9; 3: 7).


God has helped us to get into the year 2021; He has also helped us to see the end of the first month of the year. He has therefore asked me to pass His message of renewal of promise to us. That indeed in this year 2021, He will make all things new. That He will re-commence the good works He has started with us. That He will also make necessary changes, improvement, and repairs to our destinies so that we can become more successful. He will also help us to enjoy improvement and continuity in the things He had initially helped us to start. May the Spirit of God perform these in our lives in Jesus name.