FEB 2014 THEMEDaybreak is a combination of two words: Day and Break. Day could be defined as a period of 24 hours usually beginning and ending with midnight; it could be a part of the 24 hours when it is light (sunrise and sunset); or it could be the part of the 24 hours period when somebody is working or active.

Break on the other hand could be defined as separating something into pieces suddenly or violently.

Supernatural daybreak will be a spiritual process whereby the active or working part of a body just began, emerged or appeared, in such that the whole essence of that body is transformed.

Jacob was born to be very great in life, he however liked to cheat on people, something he began to demonstrate from the womb. God however decided to have mercy on him.

All the years he had lived with his parents and uncle, within those years are thousands of nights and daybreaks. One daybreak however stood out for Jacob, it was a Supernatural one.

In Gen. 32:22-29, Jacob was going back to Canaan – the Promised Land, but he had great fear and apprehension that his brother will do him a great harm. God however presented him with an opportunity from Heaven for a ‘destiny makeover’ on the way. At a daybreak, he had a sudden transformation. His name was changed from Jacob to Israel. From ‘Surplanter’ to ‘God rules’ or ‘Prince of God’!

In this month of February, God will grant us Supernatural Daybreak. Our ‘night’ will change to ‘day’. The essential working or active part of us will be ignited suddenly. God will effect with us a ‘destiny makeover’. As we journey in this 2014, our name will be changed from ‘little achievers’ to ‘higher achievers’ in Jesus name.